Why does it pain in the throat when we feel emotionally …

  • When humans are exposed to stressful situations – ie, situations that would cause them to cry or get angry – the body, due to the genetic evolutionary ‘fight or flight’ nature of humans, automatically increases blood flow to vital organs and muscles.

    Unfortunately, one of the ways the body achieves this is by opening the glottis (the vocal folds in the throat that humans use to generate vibrational noise) in order to allow your lungs to receive more inhaled oxygen than normal.

    By doing this, while increasing available oxygen which can be beneficial in stressful moments, it causes any human who wishes to swallow to fight against their body’s automatic nervous system for control of the glottis’ positioning, causing that distinctive sore pain in the throat.

    The pain in the throat is the body’s natural physical response to the stimuli of the news that caused you the pain in the first place.

    This ideally happens when the mind goes into a “brain freeze” or temporary shock resulting in drying up of the mouth and the body not being able to satisfy the requirement. Hence the water or whatever liquid is present in the throat gets sucked into the mouth to overcome the dryness. At the same time cold air inhaled by the mouth (jaw dropping event as we may call it) enters the oesophagus resulting in a sore throat.

    I am no doctor. It’s logical thinking. So any incorrectness as to the theory part may please be pardoned.

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    The 5th chakra related to expression is centered in the throat region. Apparently, when we are emotionally hurt, the energy is drained, and it is also drained from the center of expression. Apparently, all the energy is focused towards dealing with the pain of being hurt. It seems to be a defensive mechanism of the being to cope up with a setback it is going through, and it is conserving the energy by shutting from potential drains it can live with out for a while.


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    Even though we associate the heart with feelings, it really does not have to do anything with emotions on its own. I guess, people made that association as any excitement good or bad makes the heart beat faster. That response is not from the heart but because of release of stress hormones that affect the heart. Stress of any kind leads to release of various hormones that affect the whole body and the throat is one of them.

    No matter what your feeling is, you express it in many ways so does your body. Like we say that our face is the index of our emotions but it’s not just the face, stress of each emotion affects people differently. You feel lump in your throat. Some feel pitt in the stomach. Some shed tears and others don’t.


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    Our physiology and psychology are interrelated when you are emotional y hurt ur BP may become low or high and perhaps the vein / artery for blood supply to your throat may be most effected resulting in pain .in coming years it may become more and more and this is time to consult a physician .

    Different parts of our bodies hurt for different types of emotions! My heart area hurts when I feel heartbroken and disappointed. When I feel anxious or frustrated, my throat hurts. It may be different for everyone, I don’t really know that! But if anything, look into Chakra charts and see if you can agree.

    There’s actually a saying for that. It’s called choking back your tears. Or something close to that. It’s actually a line used in songs quite often.


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    I just goodled this when i realised i am nothing and what ive been thinking doing til 24 years have no point …#dont trust any one ..they all are human

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