Why did BTS have to disband?

  • Why did BTS have to disband?

    Jimin has decided to embark on a spiritual journey to find his jams.

    Yoongi wanted to become a mattress critique and Jin wants to become a professional competitive eater.

    Namjoon is writing his autobiography “The Art of Raising Children” & Taehyung now models for Chanel with the hopes of making Gucci jealous and ask him to model for them.

    J-hope works for amusement parks to determine if the rides are child friendly. They decide the results based on the intensity of his screams . Jungkook retired to the Himalayas and nobody has heard from Jungkook ever since he left to the Himalayas to meditate and listen to Justin Bieber all day.

    Yes, Unfortunately are beautiful Bangtan boys have disbanded. I am very sad to see them go. They have all decided to go their separate ways.

    Jin, our oldest is going to open up a food business/restaurant and he is a CEO. It is called WorldWide Handsome’s Eat Jin Cafe.

    Namjoon is officially running for U.S. president and South Korea president. NAMJOON 2020!!!!

    SUGA has released a line of massage chairs with built in toilet and refrigerator (so that he can just lay around all day). It also comes with built in speakers so you can blast AGUST D all day and night long.

    J-Hope has opened up a dance academy called Sunshine Hope World Dance. He is also the global ambassador for Sprite.

    Jimin has also opened up a restaurant. He has opened up a special Mochi shop. Each flavor is dedicated to a specific BTS member in remembrance of the good old days when they were still a group. (I think Jungkook’s themed flavor was carrot?? I heard it was really good?)

    Taehyung is working as a flower arranger. As you know from previous Run episodes and Bangtan Bombs, V has taken a talent to flower arranging and decided to take a professional path on it. He is currently making wreaths to help RM with his president campaign.

    And Jungkook, our lovely lovely maknae…. Jungkook Is now a part of EXO, Astro, Seventeen, TWICE, and Monsta X. The other agencies realized that he was just so amazing at everything he needed to be in their groups so now if you stan jungkook you are not only an ARMY but now you are a CARAT, EXO-L, AROHA, ONCE, and MONBEBE. (*So this is why we shouldn’t have any fan wars because there is no point. All Kpop idols are amazing and friends and their is no point comparing them because they all work so hard and that’s why they have so many fans*

    Hello! Thank you for reading my JOKE. (i should be doing online school but I’m procrastinating by writing this) It is a joke. Our boys are still together and will stay together as long as they possibly can. Suga said they are working on an album so no they haven’t disbanded. Please enjoy this joke and my life lesson about pointless fan wars. Please stan BTS and MONSTA X :0) (BTS comeback soon and Monsta X comeback next month!!!) THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!!! 😁😁😁😁💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😆😆😆

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    TW: death, suicide, Jonghyun

    keep in mind: this is a personal opinion after reading an article in which BTS spoke about their response to Jonghyun’s death. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but rather looking at how grief affects people in different ways.

    I think Jonghyun’s (SHINee) suicide was another contributing factor to it all. This is from an article about their response to his death

    “We went to give our condolences that morning. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. It was so shocking, because we had seen him so often at events. He was so successful,” BTS member RM said, while fellow BTS member Suga said he hopes Jonghyun’s death will inspire more compassion within the industry.

    Maybe it was another eye-opener to the band?

    Edit – 20/7/2019: guys, keep in mind I said this could be another contributing factor. I didn’t say it was the main reason

    The first time they almost disbanded, was due to lack of money from the company & that was in 2014 during their N.O era. They could barely afford to make an M.V.

    But this year at the 2018 MAMAs in Hong Kong, the boys had considered disbanding due to exhaustion or just constant struggles. But also because they are at the absolute peak of their career.

    “They were afraid of letting the fans down.” (Source: Korean Drama Trend, YouTube)

    Big Hit has been pushing them past their physical & mental limits causing them to get hurt.

    Let’s pray that they are strong enough to pull through, but still rest enough. And Big Hit giving them longer breaks in between concerts, comeback stages, & their vacation time.

    The band has always been under a tremendous amount of pressure (check YouTube for videos – here are plenty of them and they break your heart ).

    The band has had many people, including other kpop groups, saying they did not deserve their awards. There have been many persons in the news media who have maligned them. Hip hop experts accused them of selling out.

    There were also a couple of scandals earlier in 2018 where innocent mistakes were blown way out of proportion by the media. One was where Jimin, a Korean, was slammed by Japanese media for wearing a t-shirt bearing an atomic bomb mushroom cloud and commemorating the emancipation of Korea from years of Japanese abuse and oppression. The Japanese media and government came out so aggressively that BTS appearances on some Japanese TV shows were cancelled.

    The pressure on them is unbelievable. But they are the hardest working young men ever.

    All I can say is thank God they have each other and that we have them. And that they got each other through. And that ARMYs gave them the love they needed to stay strong when times were bad.

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    Are you anime traveler, because this hasn’t happened.

    You may think this because Suga release a mixtape under the name Agust D. Well, he was only using a different name because he didn’t want to be restricted with what he was allowed to say under the name Suga of BTS. This was his solo project for a while about him telling about his depression and social anxiety. Suga is still with BTS.

    You may think this because RapMonster releases his own mixtapes. Well, he likes to make music and this is just what he does on his own sometimes. He even collaborates with other artists from time to ime, but RapMon is still the leader of BTS.

    You may think this because J-Hope says he will soon release his mixtape. Same deal as Suga or RapMon. He has a passion for rapping and wants to release more for his fans and because he wants to. He does his own solo projects along with working with BTS family.

    You ,ay think this because of all of the rumors and gossip about BTS, but you should only listen to news that comes straight from iBigHit Entertainment or BTS themselves. Many people make up rumors or falsely believe in fake news. Some fake news spreads like a wild fire, but what’s accepted doesn’t make it true.

    BTS is still a big family that is continuously growing happier and closer together.

    BTS does not need to nor are they disbanding. In fact they all just signed a 7 year contract. How exactly this will work when Jin is 26 (Korean age 27) and Yoongi aka Suga age 25 (Korean age 26), has of course, not been made clear yet. You used to be able to delay enlistment until the Korean age of 30, but that was recently cut down by 2 years to age 28. So all able bodied men must enlist into mandatory military service by the age of 28. There is rumor that they are trying to implement exemptions for idols, except this time it would not be all idols. You would have to meet certain requirements. This is mainly for those big artists that have helped make a name for Korea. However, there seems to be a stale mate on it at the moment, as there have been no further revelations of that coming to light or actually getting passed. However, time is ticking close for many artist in the KPOP industry including BTS that we all love. We will have to wait to see how BigHit handles this. With the new BigHit group TXT (Tomorrow x Together) debuting this year, it makes me wonder if all members plan on going in together to serve their mandatory enlistment to get it all out of the way at one time. This way it lessens the time they are out of the public eye and the music industry.

    Let’s face it, the music industry as a whole no matter what country it’s in, is a cutthroat and cruel business to be in. Time is not your friend in the music industry when it comes to taking a hiatus, especially in the KPOP world. If they choose to stagger the enlistments like many agencies have their groups do, it would be several years before we see them all together for a comeback, as opposed to getting it all done in one go. Then they wouldn’t be gone as long, and have a much higher chance in my opinion of maintaining their same level of success. If they wait too long, it’s not that they won’t be successful, but the reality is that time goes on, and the likelihood that they can maintain and have that same level of success lessens the longer that they remain out of the pubic eye. Just remember the old saying, out of sight out of mind. You and I might not like it sometimes, but that is reality. I love this group and have for many years now. I wish them all continued lifelong success, good health and happiness. Whatever happens, I am sure they will make the best decision that fits their goals in life. Which ever decision that is, I will support their decision fully.

    Darling, where are you getting this information. BTS is most certainly NOT disbanding. Not after what they have achieved this year, especially since next year is supposed to be their “turning point” and with their fanbase growing any minute, they wouldn’t disband. I don’t think they will disband in the future. They might have a few members gone at a time because of military duty, but they wouldn’t disband.


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    The way I interpreted it and my theory is that they had such intense success that they felt they could never live up to it. the 5th year of being a group is notorious as the year where it all goes downhill, so i think maybe they were afraid of letting their fans down and failing, or losing their fandom, especially with all the toxicity in the fandom. they work so hard, and are so passionate, and the amount of popularity they have (and the fact that it was a bit sudden) is almost unsurpassed. it seems like a lot to handle, especially considering that they are practically supporting their own company. it was such a successful year for them, but with success and fame comes hardship, excessive attention, and the risk of overworking. I think it is commendable that they still persevered, and this news serves as an important reminder of the pressure that comes with fame, as well as a reminder to go easier on the boys!

    Okay being an A.R.M.Y I have to answer . It has not disbanded yet !!! Well you might have seen some fake news/rumors but they have not announced anything officially .

    Moreover , right now they are at the peak of their popularity . After release of Blood Sweat Tears , they came and won Billboard Top Social Artist beating Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez . Recently they came to AMA’s after release of DNA and performed it live on the AMA stage .

    They went to several interviews – Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden and Ellen to name a few . They have also released MIC DROP REMIX a collaboration with STEVE AOKI and DESIIGNER . I don’t see how they have disbanded as of yet

    I hope this answers your question .

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