Why can I feel discomfort in my dreams? Is this regular

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    I certainly don’t think that “you were laying on your arm” is the reason for all pain in dreams. I also have a theory about my own dreams, a minimum of. I only feel the pain that I’ve experienced in reality prior to. Ie: Being cut, stung, bit, stick with pins/needles. When I’m shot (something I have actually never ever experienced in real life) it simply feels warm. Damaged bones. Never had one. I don’t feel anything. As for the theory that it’s a pain caused by position or something, I used to have a pal who cut herself (A LOT). I had lots of dreams about her cutting herself and then coming at me with the razor and cutting me. As I attempted to get away or stop her I was cut in several locations around my body and let me tell you, IT HURT! Pretty sure that absolutely nothing was happening to my body in all of those areas in real life. I have actually likewise had a horrible reoccuring dream most my life about falling on pins or needles and having them all stuck in me. Now that HURT. What hurt more was PULLING THEM OUT. One by one. It’s torture. I hate that dream so much. It appears to me like those dreams are both linked to fear (worry of my pal getting me to cut too and worry of being stuck to pins). And the reality that they’re reoccuring likewise makes me believe that they’re in no other way linked to reality events while I slept. Anyhow, while I have actually had dreams that mirror something taking place genuine (noise, dry mouth, ect.), I don’t believe that this is always the case. And I do believe that what pain you feel could be linked to what discomfort you have actually experienced in life.:-RRB-

    I do not think it’s necessarily normal – that is, we who can feel discomfort in dreams are not in the bulk.

    Research studies on individuals feeling discomfort in dreams showed that people with a greater risk of PTSD were more likely to transfer real life pain into dreams. This remained in the footnotes of an article I check out somewhere. This suggests to me that there may be a connection – perhaps what sets off both is the ability to precisely remember pain. Many people do not keep in mind discomfort extremely well. We keep in mind the impact – ‘I don’t like that’/’ that hurt’, however not the real feeling.

    It might also be connected to empathy. When I see someone in discomfort, I feel it too in the exact same location unless I focus in other places. Feeling discomfort in dreams is somewhat comparable, just I don’t understand to obstruct the sensation.

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    Yes this is “regular” in the sense that it is possible, and while it’s not widely reported, it isn’t unprecedented. It is a misconception that you can’t feel pain in a dream (television reveals use a slap or a pinch to show you’re awake). I have actually heard it stated text in dreams is unreadable, also not constantly true, however generally. I have actually had dreams were every sense, even odor and touch, were vibrant.

    I assume you suggest the discomfort was unrelated to your awake self. I have had pain in a dream unassociated to the “waking world” but rarely … often sufficient to know it’s possible. Typically the dream discomfort originates from an aching muscle/bruise or other injury that causes constant pain and it certainly shows up in a dream

    Blimey, lets simply hope you nor any other human who feels discomfort in dreams, lets hope you lot do not dream permanently when you do, lets hope that the brain manages dreaming 100%and not the case of dreams being some transcendent type shit, since otherwise, you lot are effed. Picture sensation discomfort however forever? I believe I would be ok since I do not feel any discomfort at all, only small sensation. For instance, I touched an oven that was at 300 ° C and i didn’t even feel heat, absolutely nothing was felt by me, only numb and minor tingling, but absolutely nothing more. I’ve been stabbed, shot lot of times in my dreams, and yet, I have felt definitely nothing, once again, just numb and small tingling experience. I’m also extremely strong too, I believe I may have unrestricted powers, because I’m generally doing things I know I can’t perhaps do in reality. I’m likewise not frightened of anything nor anyone at all, sort of like in the waking world

    Who states you can’t feel pain in dreams? Dreams are developed in your brain, your brain has the ability to process vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, plus the other senses now understood to be part of our experience:

    • Thermoception (temperature level differences)
    • Equilibrioception (balance)
    • Proprioception (a sense of the position and motion of the parts of one’s own body)
    • Interoceptive senses (feelings in internal organs)
    • And yes, nociception (pain)

    Since your brain is developing your dreams, your brain can add any sensation to your dreams.


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    I suppose you can just feel as much as your mind is willing to imagine at that moment. For me, it’s very unusual but it does occur, if not extremely dampened.

    In my dreams, when I am cut, I’ll frequently feel the “coolness” of the cut. Other times, it’ll feel oddly blunt. And other times, yet again, I’ll actually feel a dull pain or itch at that area.

    I’ve also felt a very reasonable suffocation. For all I understand, I was in fact not breathing in genuine life for some factor …

    However if I believe about it, if I attempt to imagine pain right now, it’s really challenging for me. I can think of sights, sounds, feels, tastes, etc. with no issue, but discomfort is not something that comes quickly to me. It quite mimics my struggle to feel pain in my dreams.

    Vivid dreams that provide you the impression that you are awake include important warnings. The fact that you feel pain in the dream and even when you awaken you still have the impression that you are feeling the exact same method you felt while dreaming means that you are ignoring major risks.

    These dreams are revealing you that you need to be afraid of the mistakes you are making when you are awake. They are alarms that are attempting to safeguard your mental health and your life.

    You should follow dream therapy according to the scientific technique in order to comprehend the mistakes you are making and stop doing what works versus you.

    I remember 2 experiences where I felt discomfort in my dreams, I remember them so strongly although the taken place months earlier, these are a few of the only dreams I in fact remember. I can explain every detail if you wanted me to, the first time I was stabbed 6 times in my left lower abdominal areas in a bathroom stall, the second time some sort of fragmentation bomb made from a glass container blew up in front of me, the shrapnel hit the right side of my upper torso as well as my ideal shoulder. I felt the pain however it was so real that I have actually literally developed a worry of being stabbed. I can tell you that being stabbed draws and hurts a lot (even though I just imagined it)

    Whatever in your dream is based on memory. External stimuli might activate the memories. Other triggers are what your mind remembers that can be agonizing. And even if it has never ever experienced the painful occasion, can simulate the discomfort. If you were to fly in your dream, the mind replicates air hurrying previous your face, it will include any memory you may have ever felt in weightlessness. Doing a loop while your flying may be represented by sensations of a roller rollercoaster or the sensation you get during a dive in the pool. Sensations that can assist the most realistic simulation. Everything you do is logged as memory, what you feel, hear, smell, taste and see. Even conceptual understanding. It can also be walked around to develop any kind of virtual reality.

    Its just a dream, let it be; considering that the more you get consumed with it, the more of that imaginary pain you might begin actually experiencing not since of your dream however more due to the fact that of your huge focus that is being devoted to the dreams.

    And given that you are remaining ever more curious and not being able to recognize, which suggests it keeps on lingering and becoming more bigger and bringing more of all else that you might not have the ability to determine at all?

    So you have to choose and specify that what is in the dream is what you are going on anticipating and focusing all the more.

    As you deal with and put that in order; all that is thereby unfolding is ever more much better because you are then realizing that you had actually been clinging onto it more than it seeing you.

    So as you release in a significant manner, you let grow the meaningful mannerisms.

    It’s regular.

    You can blame that on our memories, in a way.

    This pain that produced during our dreams will vanish when a person awakens. It’s not common to experience these kinds of discomfort given that our sensory paths are primarily disconnected from cortical input (real life).

    But considering that we understand that A and B hurt, like having your hand squashed under a rock, it will injure. It’s due to the fact that we anticipate it to hurt based upon previous experiences or perhaps anticipating that something will injure


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