Why are some websites not opening on my phone, but are on my …

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    If you tried to open the website in private mode on more than one browser like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and both fail to load it, then:

    • go to Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections
    • right click your network adapter and click properties
    • double-click Internet Protocol Version 4
    • Select the option “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”
    • Select the option “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically”

    Try to access the website again.


    Let me give some easy method to solve this issue.

    1. Check website is open properly in laptop/computer, if “Yes” try following
    2. First try another mobile, if its works, there is some problem in your phone
    3. Try another browser
    4. Try clear browser cache
    5. Try uninstall and reinstall the browser
    6. Change WIFI connection
    7. Change DNS

    Some Website is not available for mobile or mobile version of the website is not working properly.

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    It’s likely you’re phone is clogged with cack picked up from sites. A phone needs care like computers do, you don’t have a clear out every now n then and it starts acting up. You can either do it manually or download a free trash cleaning app. I use them once then uninstall because if left on they are one of the culprits that fill your phone with garbage.

    Sometimes, some website are designed to work perfectly on web but it is not on Phone. For example, if i am a blogger and i haven’t optimized my blog to look well on mobile devices, it will not work.

    Also maybe site is a bit heavy to be handled by your phone because of available RAM and other things. Speed of internet also matters here.

    However in addition, Check your Mobile browser too. Some websites doesn’t support some browsers as well. Try resetting your browsers settings to default and try again. Also make sure that internet connection is proper.

    Many companies are making the mobile version of their site unusable to force you to download and install their mobile app. Mobile apps can be more profitable for social media companies than their websites are. They can also do more tracking and datamining with their apps than can be done on a website. All these things cause companies to use this sneaky tactic. Quora even tried going this route for a little while until we called them out for it left and right and people stopped using the site.

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    Hi the smartphone Internet browser is based on Chrome. If the Chrome browser in the PC cannot open a certain webpage, Android Chrome will behave the same. In the event that you cannot open certain websites on your smartphone, try these following steps based on official samsung publication:

    Make sure the Java Script is set to ON in your browser. Turn ON Java Script and access the page again. If the page is still not accessible, proceed to next step.

    Test the same page using the same Wi-Fi connection on a different device. If same problem occurs, there is a problem with the website. Some websites may have limited access. Otherwise, if the page works in Wi-Fi connection, proceed to next step.

    Try testing the same page using Chrome browser on a PC to isolate the problem. But if the page is still unaccessible using PC Chrome, there is a problem with the website.

    Check if your phone’s browser settings has an option for “Request for Desktop version”. If it does try enabling it to the webpage.

    Note: If you are trying to the website in an office or private network, make sure that the site is allowed on the network.

    It may be an ISP issue, if your laptop on other internet and on mobile you are using other internet. ISP has some real time issue for specific websites.

    it take some time to resolve it by ISP.

    if you are on same internet, that chances to upgrade Web browser. Mobile web browser not supported Activex files. which will effect website opening issue.

    i hope you understand now.

    thank you,

    There are many website which are made for desktop only. When you try to open same site in your phone it won’t be display. Some times it’s because of it’s scripting language, some of contents of language might not support by your device. For this reason many websites makes same site for mobile phones. When you see it’s URL you can see it starts with http://m.sitename.com which means its for mobiles. For example open facebook in your phone browser and check url.

    This just happened to me and the problem was actually on the end of the site I was hosting on. I have a free domain and they have lots of problems and sites go down temporarily and then come back up. Mines was working on desktop but not mobile for about and hour, and then all of a sudden started working on all devices again. I guess free and cheap domains are not the move.

    DHCP may not be enabled for WiFi. Go to control panel/network adapter/WiFi

    Right click on that WiFi connection and do diagnose after that windows will guide you what to do.

    The reason might be dns propagation of the website. It takes 24hrs to 48hrs to fully propagate website over all networks.

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