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    Great question! I needed to go check the aisles at Target to see if I could create a good response to this one.

    My first issue would be the risks of choking. All the readily available medications I inspected that were offered in gummy type were fairly large. The one I purchased to inspect this out was a ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs( R) melatonin supplement. The gummies weighed approximately 3 grams. That’s a heck of a big pill to attempt & & come down your neck at one go, particularly if they are sticky or coated with sugary crystals.

    The inactive ingredients common to most gummies appear to be pretty bland: sucrose, corn syrup, coconut oil, pectin, maltodextrin, flavoring representatives & & food colorings. Your stomach acid would break these down pretty quickly. I do not believe that swallowing the gummies whole would impact the absorption of the active component to any terrific level.

    So – worst case scenario – choking on the darn things. Do not attempt this when you are at house by yourself.

    As an additional comment to most of answers I have found that treating my CBD gummies as though there were sublingually administered stop by chewing then sort of packing the chewed bits under my tongue the discomfort relief comes more quickly than chewing and instantly swallowing them.

    It’s the difference in between a 15 minute beginning of pain relief sublingually as opposed to chewing and swallowing then awaiting the digestive system to get the CBD into my system 45–60 minutes later.

    Given that I just utilize gummies when I’m away from home and I make them with the tincture I produce sublingual dosages, I opted to attempt this approach a few weeks earlier.

    Much more effective.

    My successful CBD gummies. Yay!

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    Chewables work more effectively and quickly when they are broken apart by the system of chewing and mixing with saliva. It won’t harm you if you swallow it, however the medication won’t be soaked up by your body as entirely as it would otherwise be. You will not get full healing advantage.

    The restorative impact of medications is constantly best attained by following the guidelines regarding its usage. Something that has actually been tested to be reliable if injected will never work anywhere near too if swallowed, and vice versa. If instructions are to put something in your ear, then you ‘d be a fool to put it in your eye. If you’re expected to put a medication in your anus, however you put it in your vaginal area instead, you will damage your vaginal area and will not do anything to assist the illness you were intending to treat. If you’re supposed to inhale something but decide it would be just as well if you drank it, then you will get no therapeutic advantage.

    Millions of dollars and numerous countless hours are spent recording the very best delivery path of every medication. If you decide you are going to try ingesting it a various way, then you are carrying out an absurd medical try out an N of 1 and you have only yourself to blame if it goes bad.

    It will take longer to break down and potentially not give you the preferred dosage or affect it should.

    It will not be hazardous, simply not as effective as it is meant to be.

    I would not stress excessive as it is just like swallowing chewing gum, mishaps take place and our body will look after the odd one here and there.

    Just attempt and chew the rest of them so you get the full benefit.


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    Hello There Stephanie. The worst is the medication won’t be as reliable and this could potentially have a cumulative effect. And if you don’t want the optimum advantage, why take the meds?


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    Have you ever googled yourself? Do a “deep search” instead.

    This new online search engine reveals so much more. Key in your name, wait 8 seconds, brace yourself.

    Depends on what the med was, normally it might influence the speed of uptake, however no issues with the uptake ultimately.


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