What’s the recommended dosage of CBD Gummies?

  • What’s the recommended dosage of CBD Gummies?

    There is no official recommended dose of CBD. The effective amount taken is highly individualized.

    CBD gummies are not an effective way to take CBD as they are often small doses, the potency of which is greatly degraded by the time it even makes it into your system due to the First Pass Effect. It’s more of a gimmicky CBD product.

    The safest, best way to take CBD is high quality sublingual (under your tongue) oil tinctures. Allowing the oil to absorb under your tongue circumvents your digestive tract and the first pass effect so that you get the full effect from the amount you take.

    As far as dosing goes you have to sort of find what works for you. You can slowly increase your dose until you achieve the desired effects or you can do micro-dosing which is starting at a very small dose and systematically increasing it over a period of time until you sensitize your receptors and find your sweet spot.

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    CBD gummies come in different milligrams depending on the company you are purchasing from. I have seen CBD gummies with as low as 5 mg’s and some with 30 mg’s in each gummy. The amount of CBD you take is mainly based on your body weight, so for someone who is 175 lbs a good base line would be around 35 mg’s per day unless they are taking it for sever pain or discomfort in which case they might want to take more. It is also important to remember that when eating CBD in a gummy or other edible product, that you are only getting 4–20% of the CBD into your system. For the best bioavailability (how much absorbs into your system) vaping is the best at 50–80% but is also the fastest to leave your system, usually within a couple of hours and next would be the tinctures of oil you put under your tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing it and administering it in this way gets about 40–50% into your system.

    Edibles are powerful and body-focused, and work wonders for people suffering from pain, nausea or a lack of appetite. Care should be taken when partaking. Read the label carefully for the THC content and, taking your own tolerance into consideration, dose appropriately. For a first-time user, a half-dose is recommended, or 5 mg. Be patient and wait for the effects to kick in fully before even thinking about taking more. Consume in a comfortable, familiar location and with people you trust either sitting or consuming with you.


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    That depends on how the Gummies are formulated. Are they 5mg per gummie? Normally, whatever the bottle says ie: 300mg, is how much CBD is in the whole container, not per gummie. That being said, the normal dosage for CBD can range from 10mg per day to 100mg per day. I personally use 100mg per day via my Medicinal Essentials CBD Oil tincture which I take under my tongue. So how much you use depends on what you are using it for, how you system absorbs it, and the purity of the CBD you are taking. I personally wouldn’t bother with a gummie. They cost more per dosage, are usually made with just CBD, and not full spectrum hemp which has more benefits than just CBD. For a child, they could be the way to go.

    Gummies are a more expensive and ineffective way to take CBD. I’ve written a blog about bioavailability (how much and how quickly the different formulations of CBD actually get INTO your bloodstream) and about how to take CBD at Learn More About CBD Oil.

    For gummies, as with ANY form of CBD, you have to look at the total mg of CBD in the container and divide that by the number of “servings”. That will tell the mg/serving, and you can adjust your PERSONAL serving from there, which will depend on the quality if the product and on what YOU need for YOUR body.

    With the high quality CBD Oil that my customers are using, they generally only need 2.5 mg – 5 mg / serving.

    There isn’t a recommended dose of CBD Gummies.

    And since everyone has different body sizes, and different desired effects from the drug there is not currently a safe dosage regimen for you.

    Personally, I wonder what would cause me to experiment on myself using psychoactive chemicals at random doses in order to see which one will either make me sick or get me high without damage to my mind and body?

    You could also see your doctor for an alternative that has been tested and found safe.


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