What is the root of depression?

  • I think that it can be explained in a range of methods.

    • I believe it is “anger turned inward”. A bitterness and hatred towards the self. Self loathing, inability to love oneself or see one’s worth.
    • despondence in living a fulfilled life.
    • After that, I will attempt and explain what the root could be by examining my life … it is relatively complicated.


    TL; DR:

    Anxiety =
    feeling hopeless, that you always were, and constantly will be unable to measure up to the requirements, perfects, the life that you desire or feel you need … which it will never ever change. More than feeling this, BEING it.


    The DSM-V states:

    The classic condition, “Major depressive condition” is characterized by discrete episodes of a minimum of 2 week’s by a list of symptoms and indications that should exist in order for the medical diagnosis to be made.

    Noteworthy ones include:

    – Loss of satisfaction in nearly all activities.

    – substantial Weight gain or loss (unintended).

    – reduced cognitive function.

    – Sensations of insignificance

    – Marked reduced ability to choose, think, focus.

    – Insomnia, hypersomnia

    – Tiredness nearly all day long. Loss of energy.

    I believe the root is feeling unhappy for whatever reason matters most to you.

    A Depressive Episode when I was 16:

    I was an intense trainee, usually high achieving. One year, all of a sudden (in tough classes) I started doing improperly.

    I had simply finished gr. 9 and went to a really difficult I.B. school. I left all my pals, a few of which I went to school with for ten years.

    My struggles there struck my core. I had no concept why I was doing improperly in some quantitative courses.

    This was primarily due to job management and it caused me serious anxiety (( ADHD unknown at that time to me). That plus weight problems, and trouble forging relationships were my first causes of anxiety.

    It has actually been a while (the good news is) since I had major depression. I have ADHD which caused a host of other concerns, specifically when left neglected for 20 plus years.

    A Significant Depressive Episode that happened about 4 years after the very first:

    I felt my life was
    ruined beyond repair Due to the ruin, the school problems, my intelligence being lost, time lost due to trying to assist pals that utilized me, intensified and perhaps ruined scholastic standing, injuring those around me, not really understanding why, etc, and so on

    I was depressed or at least
    dysthymic, much of 16-25 or so for these reasons:

    – My unattended ADHD and attempting to treat what I believed was the “primary problem”, stress and anxiety, plus my damaging practices worsening caused a lot of discomfort.

    – Obesity, lonliness. Solved weight by18 For many part.

    – Underperforming in school (ADHD)

    – Distressed relationships.

    – Intensified judgment on meds for anxiety, which did not allow me to clearly see that a few of my “buddies” were sociopaths.

    – A crisis that arised from that last point.

    – 4 years to fix the majority of that and individuals not understanding and thinking that I didn’t try or brought everything on myself.

    – In amount: Untreated ADHD, shyness, self destruction, routines, isolation were my causes (and the resulting stress and anxiety et al).

    Please Keep In Mind: I am not a physician, I just play one to myself.

    I think, the answer is hopelessness It is much more than “feeling upset, down, blue”. Life needs modification. Life is modification. Anxiety is the deep-seated belief that one’s life (your life!!!) merely can not alter for the better.

    I believe that fear (whether it be worry of something intangible like “failure” or something like being unaccepted) can cause stress and anxiety conditions. They are deeply deep-rooted in youth reactions. And can manifest in dependency, acting out, and isolation.

    I believe that my horrible anxiety ended up being full blown major anxiety … when what I was anxious about became “the reality”.

    For instance, if one has a worry of failure and this obstacles their self-image and what they view to be their identity, then acts in ways to make this occur (or it simply occurs), then that belief will strengthen. If an occasion is so effective (a “significant stopping working”, then that stress and anxiety which makes someone have countless “what-if’s” in their mind at all times … ends up being more of a “I’m screwed. It will never get better. My life is destroyed.”

    In basic, I think strong negative challenges to a person’s self-concept and identity that are extremely hard to see out of– end up being depression.

    Stress and anxiety can become depression.

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