What can cause lower abdominal area pain when taking a deep …

  • What can trigger lower abdomen discomfort when taking a deep breath?

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    It could be a numerous of things, could have pulled a muscle, I have actually understood individuals and myself to have their gall bladder cause concerns to the body in other places. Finest suggestions is to go to your doctor so they can probe and find out what’s happening with you.


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    Ah, what is most worrying about these symptoms is that they have actually not yet been analyzed by a medical professional. From your description I gather that they lie in an area of your body, let’s call it the upper body or possibly right lower thoracic location, where you have both vital musculoskeletal hardware (bones) that supports you and secures the internal organs, in addition to those irreplaceable internal organs themselves whose function is needed to your survival. It’s likewise a part of the body that gets a great deal of wear and tear just by virtue of motion and supporting the skeleton and is subject to overuse and aches and discomforts. And furthermore you do have discomfort, which is extremely crucial, given that pain is your body’s way of attempting to get your attention about an issue and making you stop acting in a dangerous method prior to things become worse. For instance, breaking a rib which then pierces a lung due to the fact that you do not take it easy. Sure, you might have done something as benign as turned the incorrect way or pulled a muscle, but then again you might have something incorrect with a kidney or a lung or a huge blood vessel, all of which you need to operate properly in order to continue to survive.

    Trust me, I’m not being flippant. However diagnosing problems like this is not a job for Quora. Would you actually feel reassured and clinically cleared if some complete stranger on Quora with nothing medical to their credentials “responded to” your concern with their best guess? What if you became worse? Would you come back to them for followup or expect a consultation from another inexperienced internet person? Trust me, untrained people should not touch this with a 10 foot pole. I am not criticizing you. I am on your side and want you to be well. But Quora is not how to arrive.

    It really is very important to have a skilled physician diagnose what is going on and create a plan of treatment. If you are lucky, it will turn out that the diagnosis and cause are apparent, and maybe you require something to relax the location or alleviate some swelling, but if you are even luckier, the doctor will thoroughly check your history, analyze your body IN PERSON, talk with you, identify what you need done and give you clear instructions before anything really destructive has taken place.

    Even if I were a physician myself, which I am not, I would not try to detect and treat you over the internet, not having seen you, not having actually palpated the location, not having actually seen how you move, not having took a look at you with my practiced eye, not having checked your important indications, and not having used my significant and prolonged specialized medical education and expertise to come up with an impression of what was happening with you.

    Naturally, there are things we can use the web for simply as there are things we truly should not. Once you have been to the physician and have been informed what is happening, then by all ways get on the web and research study what the doctor stated and discover all you can about the condition and its treatment and the length of time it will take for you to improve, and so on. That, in my viewpoint, is a proper use of the internet: as an adjunct, as a library, as a recommendation, but not as the medical professional. Don’t put your health in the hands of complete strangers like me who are not medical professionals and who genuinely hope you will be OKAY but do not understand how you look or how you are acting or what your case history is. It’s your life you are discussing. That is just too important. If it’s not important sufficient to you, it’s still crucial adequate to me. I am not qualified to take your physician’s location, period.

    Please go to the medical professional, or the emergency room or at one of those Urgent Care walk ins, and let the people who have the proper training figure out what is happening with you. If money is the barrier, go to the county getting healthcare facility where low-income clients are accepted. Or go somewhere that you can make a payment plan (almost anywhere). In a life-threatening emergency like chest pain or difficulty breathing, an ER can not turn you away. It’s not that I don’t want to assist or that I want to lecture you. However, this guidance right now is the only way that I am certified to assist.

    I hope you feel much better soon which you can soon put your mind at ease due to the fact that somebody who in fact understands what they are doing is taking care of you. Please do not opt for advice from the internet where your life is concerned. Get your pain and breathing difficulty and other signs took a look at and dealt with and feel much better quickly.


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    Thanks for the A2A. imo, Jeanette Calara’s answer here is the most on point. This is something I’ve had many experiences with, as I went through a duration of consistently breaking and dislocating ribs (I got through it). Chiropractic care and physical treatment are your best choices.

    However, I have actually also had pleurisy, which is an infection of the lining of the lungs. That also caused agonizing discomfort breathing, however it was accompanied by an extreme burning sensation within the lungs. The important things to do is get anything medical such as an infection ruled out.

    If it’s not an infection, it’s a mechanical mistake and can not be attended to by Western medicine. As I said, you’ll require chiropractic and physical therapy techniques (there are lots of approaches within both of those fields) to get your musculoskeletal system back in order. And as was also noted, if you do have an infection and the mechanical mistake is triggered by coughing, which is really genuine, you’ll require to do these methods in addition to the Western treatment for the infection. Simply dealing with the infection will not repair the mechanical mistake that developed.

    One other thing– make certain you are getting enough magnesium. It’s safe to supplement with magnesium because what you do not require will wash out of the body. But magnesium is what makes muscles relax, and individuals who don’t get enough magnesium often have signs of muscle cramping and spasms of differing sorts. Magnesium shortage is almost an epidemic in the United States due to the fact that it’s not easy to get in the diet, particularly a diet plan with great deals of processed foods, because magnesium is fairly uncommon to begin with, can in fact prepare out of foods, and with the demineralization of the soils lots of foods no longer have the magnesium content they as soon as did. A huge range of health problems can be resolved with appropriate magnesium supplementation, consisting of cardiovascular issues. You’ll most likely still require the physical therapies I recommended currently, but the magnesium will help ensure that you get well and remain well. My husb does not have lower back blowouts when he gets enough magnesium, and he DOES have them when he doesn’t. It’s that cut and dried.


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    · Response requested by

    That sounds familiar; somewhere back in time, I remember the exact same thing, I’ll get it quickly. Looking at the other answers, I had to state that clearly your concern scared the others, who believe you are talking about intolerable pain or nearly.

    To Start With, you have to try to remember when this began, then, what were you doing, drinking, consuming, breathing, and so on to see if you can figure it out. If it just hurts when you’re resting, but not when standing or sitting, the others should realize that does not suggest a big issue. You can definitely make the discomfort stop, and that is a great indication. Examine your temperature for a slight fever, which is excellent.

    A guess: you have an infection, most likely on the lining of your trunk, and the growth causes inflammation of that irritated surface area. Something like pleurisy, which I had once. Not precisely the very same symptoms, but close. “Pleurisy includes inflammation of the tissue layers (pleura) lining the ( exterior of) lungs and inner chest wall …” Picture here: pleurisy – Google Search

    Lying down, the inner lining of your lower body cavity presses on the pleura of a swollen organ (lung?) lining, however standing or sitting upright, there’s an area between them. Swelling means your body immune system is combating the infection, and it must end in a day or 2, max, usually. I would expect it will be over (no more discomfort) in two days from the beginning. If not, or if it becomes worse, see an MD, who will check your temperature, maybe inspect your white blood count, and provide you prescription antibiotics you don’t require. Prescription antibiotics will eliminate excellent and bad bacteria in about 7 days; you’re body immune system will do the same in a week.

    Individuals who are sick, even somewhat, concern and request for assistance, not diagnosis a lot, however peace of mind that it’s not an indicator of cancer, which everybody frets about. If just cancer would offer a caution like that, there would be a lot more survivors.


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    If it’s connected with your breathing then it’s not likely your stomach that’s harming. It might be your diaphragm, right above your stomach; or perhaps some adhesions in between your stomach and your diaphragm. Maybe something to do with your intercostal (between the ribs) muscles? Or any among possibly numerous other things.

    What type of discomfort is it? A dull ache or a sharp pulling? Precisely where is it? Deep inside or near the surface area of your skin? Is it every breath or simply deep breaths? When did it begin? What were you doing at the time? The length of time has it been going on?

    It could be absolutely nothing crucial at all. It could be something truly severe.

    You don’t give adequate detail. Many people state ‘stomach’ when they simply suggest in the vague area someplace listed below their rib cage, but not actually the stomach.

    Even doctors can’t diagnose something like this online with such an unclear description. Your best choice would be to enter and have a physician analyze you.


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    It could be absolutely nothing of consequence, or if it gets worse a sign of a swelling (e.g. appendicitis) in your tummy, irritating the inner lining of your tummy, the parietal peritoneum, which will then rub over the membrane which covers your internal organs, the visceral peritoneum, most likely likewise irritated, given that stomach breathing will make both peritoneum move and rub over each other therefore triggering pain.

    If it’s felt in the upper stomach, it could be an irritation/inflammation of your lower peritoneal pleura and visceral pleura sheets covering the within your chest and covering your lungs, rubbing over one another e.g. in pleurisy or pleuropneumonia, even lung emboli.

    So see how it develops, if it worsens, you establish a fever, have chills, you begin vomiting, se blood in your urine or stools, or get short of breath, see a doc ASAP.

    All the best!


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