What are the benefits of taking PCMB?

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    When you are opting for the stream PCMB make sure that you do like math and bio together. This is because I鈥檝e seen many students that regret taking either bio or math as handling both subjects is difficult. There are many other options like taking PCMH (hindi) if you are sure that you don鈥檛 wanna pursue medical lines or take PCBH if you are sure to hold up medical courses.

    As of the benefits of taking PCMB:

    1. Obviously you learn a lot more than the other courses.
    2. the whole option of a science field awaits you. You can choose from medical to engineering or even take up research lines. (well there are many more fields for you to join to 馃槈 )
    3. And if bio is read well then anyone can score high in the boards so that鈥檚 also a plus.
    4. You are also eligible to write entrance exams like JEE Mians, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, BITSAT, NEST, KVPY, and many mor

    Take it from a student and all the best !

    Outright benefits are

    1. You’ll be eligible to write the JEE mains if you have 60% average.
    2. You’ll be eligible to give NEET
    3. You’ll basically be eligible to give any engineering or medical entrance.
    4. Point number 3 will ensure you either become a doctor or an engineer depending on the entrances you clear.
    5. If you achieve point 4, your Indian parents will be very happy for you.
    6. If you become a doctor, you’ll earn very well and also great name in society.
    7. If you become a good engineer, you can bag a job at companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco
    8. You’ll earn exceptionally great.
    9. Again, parents happy.

    Points 7 8 possible only if you clear your engineering, that too from a reputed college.

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    There are two types of person who usually takes PCMB :

    1. Those high scorers of class 10th
    2. Those who really want to learn

    Now let me tell you the advantages :

    1. You will be able to appear JEE as well as NEET, that’s the reason why those high scorers choose PCMB. They want to become doctor or engineer, that’s it
    2. You’ll get to know all the basics of Maths as well as biology, which really matters to a science enthusiast like me .

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    People tend to shiver and cower on hearing PCMB , its a common mistake to do so. Although at first sight PCMB might look really tough but it is the best subject combination one can take. Its a boon for the confused souls who don’t know what to take up as a career. It keeps all option open, if you are a PCMB student. All the world is in your hands, you can be anything. If you love bio yet don’t want lose out on a shot at NDA or JEE this is the subject combination for you. You might need to put in a bit more effort as compared to others yet its all worth it in the end. 馃檪

    Good Luck!

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    It is beneficial only when you鈥檙e really confused about your career field. If you need some time to decide whether you鈥檙e interested in engineering or medical, then surely go for it. You can explore a ton of career opportunities if you take PCMB. You鈥檒l be eligible for all the medical and engineering entrance exams.

    On the contrary, if you鈥檝e decided your career path, better not to mess up by taking both Biology and Mathematics.

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    If you are really interested in science then taking pcmb is a good and safe option. After your 12th you can either do engineering or take up medicine . Also you have the option to take up B.Sc and specialise in any field like maths, biology,chemistry etc.

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    Since the extensiveness of the field, we typically get confounded in the choice of best subjects But PCMB as a blend is the best choice a student can make-

    • You’ll have lots of career options
    • Multi-disciplinary vocation choices
    • Eligible for all Exams

    PCMB is an acronym for the 4 science subjects that a person can take in 11th standard. It stands for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology.

    Selecting both Maths and Biology is beneficial as student taking both can apply for Medical side as well as Engineering side.

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    Pcmb students have many opportunities鈥hey can go for medical鈥nyeneering .. degree and B ED

    The only thing is u will regret studying biology if u join engineering degree!

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