What are the benefits of having good friends?

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    Forming strong friendships is one of the most important aspects of life as a student. Friends are like the substitute of our family , especially when we are distant to our family. Looking for allies is even harder rather than looking for foes. There are some reasons why people strive to having a lot of friends.

    First, by having good friends, we will be easy to look for assistance. Problem comes without invitation, so nobody could avoid it. In such circumstance, friends could be the best allies for you to solve the problem and assists you. With a strong solidarity and spirit, friends will help each other and bring a way out from the problems to whoever needs it. They are cohesive and cooperative in order to help each other inside their community.

    Second, by having good friends, we have a place to rely all of our problems. We could share each other what problems afflict us, what events make us happy or sad, what is our secret which is really bothering us, e.t.c. So, in this situation, friends take role as our vessel to distract all of emotional problem and relieve our brain’s stress. This also could reduce numbers of desperate people committing in suicidal.

    Third, good friends will not lead us into a damaged situation. Although in some case, friends could make some jokes or fools which are embarrassing us, but in other side of their mischievous behavior, they are care to each other. They will give us advises to lead us into a better condition and encourage us if we are in a wrong way. That’s why we should choose a well-personality people to be our friends.

    In summary, friendship is essential. Humans are social creatures which need friends to accompany their life. Having good friends could lead us to get out from the trouble and bring us to a better condition. That’s why having good friends are beneficial.

    About 3 months ago, I got into a fight and couldn’t make it to my coaching in because of it. My best friend who went to the same coaching as me called me but due to the fight i wasn’t able to pick her call. She tried twice but it was of no use. During the fight my car also got a dent.

    After the tuition was over she called me again and asked me about my whereabouts. I told her about the fight, the first thing she asked was
    are you okay? you are not injured right? with worry laced in her voice. This may sound like a normal gesture at first but as the day went on and my other friends got to know, the first thing they asked me was about the first thing they asked me about was that fight…….

    But for my best friend, my well being was all that mattered to her. She knows how much i love my car and when i told her about it, She got mad and asked me to stop thinking about that machine and to take care of myself first. She was so worried sick that i had to meet her to let her confirm herself that i was totally fine.

    This the best part of having best friend. You are their first priority

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    benefit of having friend is that …….i am talking about true friendship …..in true friendship …..you won’t cry alone ,no matter how bigger pain you hide behind your big smile your best friend will find out and will heal you ….when you are in pain you need a shoulder to cry or an ear to whom you can tell all your pain while crying …this will be done by only on person that is true friend ……while hearing your pain your friend will also cry because he himself put him in your sitution and feels everything …..but after that you may be regreting on you mistakes ..but your friend will try to make you laugh on that moment and make you smile so that you come out of problems …..and when your friend is alone he will always be thinking of healing your pain and give you a happiness …..see when you are crying while sharing your pain he/she will hug you which means that he/she has no words to cure your pain at that moment but a hug will join all the broken pieces of heart ….friend will also put their hand on your lap and will try to motivate you

    A true friend will hear your silence

    A true friend will notice all your problem even if you don’t share

    A true friend will be light on your path to success

    A true friend will care about you first

    A true friend will sacrifice his/her happiness just for your happiness

    A true friend will make you laugh and will try to make you stress free

    A true friend will give you hug when you can’t explain your pain through lips because eyes are already melting

    A true friend will show you the right way

    One last important thing ……if friendship is true and best …then your best friend will sacrifice his/her life for saving your life

    These are just part of benefits …there are many too….hope you understand my feelings for true and best friends

    You are blessed if you have a good friend circle. No matter at what life stage you are in, having a nice friend circle is always a pleasant feeling. There are many benefits of a good friend circle. I am pointing out some of them.

    • You develop good habits.
    • You can learn a lot of things from them.
    • They can learn things from you as well.
    • You may develop some bad habits also but considering you are in a good circle, you guys will be at your limits.
    • Your friends will have your back all the time.
    • You will also get the chance to help your friends.
    • A good friend circle can be a place where you can share your knowledge as well as your frustrations.
    • You all can grow together, if you are in your school or college life.
    • If you have grown up, you and your friends can share their experiences and learn from each other.
    • Sometimes you can get genuinely good advice.
    • You can have some life changing experiences also.
    • In future, at some point of life you can look back and feel proud and happy to have such good friends.

    Having a good friend circle doesn’t mean you need to have lot of friends. Most of the time all it need to have 4–5 good friends.


    Why ? You ask .

    1) You can share , talk and laugh about common interests

    with your friends which you might not be able to acheive with your family members.

    2)Hang out with them when you need a partner like going to the mall , hiking , swimming and going to the movies etc.

    3)They can S help you when you are at work , school or give you support when you are at the brink of tears . Friends can relate to things that your family might not understand .

    4)Build a great team if you are going to make a company or going towards entrepreneurship.

    5)You learn from your friends . When you are surrounded by intelligent friends , they engage in awesome conversations and you might learn some pretty cool stuff from them .

    6)It is always good to know that someone is there for you . They help to cure your feeling of loneliness and make you feel good about yourself .

    7)WHuman beings are social animals . We depend on other human beings directly or indirectly .

    These are just some benefits about having friends.

    P.S. Please ignore the S and W . I have tried removing them but to no avail

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    Wow. Good question.

    It might be derogatory to friendships from a benefit point of and it ain’t friendship when it depends on benefits. Now that I have gotten that word out, let’s continue with the answer.

    Before that…. There are four kinds of friends on a lighter note:

    • I’ll meet you sometime.
    • I’ll meet you this Friday.
    • I’ll help you move.
    • I’ll help you move a body.

    1. Friends accept you, as you are.

    You cannot do half the things in front of your parents or girlfriend that you can do in front of your friends. Now that’s some convenience.

    2. Friends are your back up plan!

    Everyone of us has that tight social group among ourselves that will help us in times of peril. The best of it all, you can demand that help without any kind of doubt at the back of your head.

    3. Friends help you grow.

    Oh yes they do!

    I have been fortunate with a good group of friends that openly criticized me whenever I made a mistake. The criticism was strong but it did not hurt me. It made me grow and it made me strong.

    4. Friends are trustworthy.

    Enough Said.

    1. You have more opinions.
    2. There’ll be social drama for entertainment.
    3. You’ll have help in need if know the right ones.
    4. You can bitch about people to them.
    5. You can be mad at your family and seek for temporary support from them while they secretly call your parents and tell them “ya your son’s fine he’s alive. He’s whining about how you screamed at him for not watering the plants”
    6. They’ll help you with your relationships.

    There’s tonnes of benefits if you have friends.

    Note: friends with benefits is a different concept if you’re confused about that and this.


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    Your life becomes heaven.

    You have two families now. One God blessed you with & second God made you choose.

    Good friends are hard to find in this fake 21st century. But once you find them, they’re the ones who handle you for lifetime.

    That loving, sharing & caring relationship friendship.

    • They accept you the way you are
    • They trust & help you beyond limits
    • You can turn to them in your good & bad times
    • They have the ability to make you laugh even when everything is going wrong
    • They are ready to die for you

    This list is never ending.


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    For me, the main benefit is a feeling of safety. Like, if something REALLY bad happens to me, I have someone I can talk to and tell how I am really feeling.

    Of course, I am not talking about casual friends, but REALLY good friends.

    I can tell them about my deepest thoughts, fears or concerns and they will do their best either to help me or just to empathize with me.

    It’s also a great feeling that there is someone else in the world who thinks like you and understands you. It makes me feel like I am not such an oddball and not alone in the world.


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    if you have good friends then u can comfortably sit with them and share your feeling without getting judged.

    if you have good friends then they dont need to be close to you at all the time but u know when u need them they will be there for your help at any time.

    if you have good friends then they exactly known what going on your mind and they share the same thought process as you.

    if you have good friends then they will give you best advice whenever u needed the most and the one with whom u do all the crazy shit u dont either with others.

    Having good friend is like having a person who will accompany you even u die and go in hell..xd.


    Some of the best advantages of having friends are:

    • They can extend life period, as stress can come with isolation and loneliness can be discriminated with friends.
    • They can help you in making your mind sharp.
    • Friends influence us to do something, it can be better or not.
    • They support you in bad as well as good conditions.
    • A good friend helps to understand how to cope with the problems of life.
    • They make you feel stress-free and alive.
    • By living a stress-free and happy life you can be really healthier.

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