What are the benefits of doing a government job?

  • What are the benefits of doing a government job?

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    Parents in Australia often say that their child may not be very bright but they will be ok if they can get a job with the government. Almost as if government jobs are a type of sheltered workshop .

    In most government jobs you are not required to think or use initiative the way that self employed people do. In a government job you simply follow a large list of guidelines that have been drawn up by others and that have probably stayed the same for many years. For example the training given to Highway Patrol officers. They are taught exactly what they must do and how to do it, plus their expected reaction to any unfavorable outcomes. Just go by the book . No thinking required.

    That depends a lot on where you are. In areas with corrupt governments, the incentives may be bribes/money and power. In better governments the incentives are usually stable, dependable work environment with the opportunity for slow, but steady promotions, good benefits, likelihood of steady employment without layoffs and a sense of contributing to the good of society. There are all the variations in between these ends of a spectrum. Most people probably choose one or two of the benefits as ‘most important’ to them personally, but probably get some benefit from the others although some won’t.

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    My mother works for the state of California so I’ll try to make my answer as accurate as possible. From what I hear it’s VERY hard to get removed from a state position, which means that you have a stable safe job. The pay is pretty good actually, and healthcare and all of that is also included. It’s a stable job that has more pay in store as you apply for positions to work your way up, and the benefits are perfect for taking care of your family, it’s a better living and a better future overtime, you just have to stick it out.

    Yes. You will make more money working in the private sector, but the benefits with Federal employment are huge. First is the Federal Employees Healthcare Program. As a Federal employee, during open season, you have a big choice of healthcare options. Second, you can get into the Thrift Savings Plan. You put in 5%, the government matches it. I got into the TSP the day I was hired.


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    As an employee; high stability, great benefits. As others have mentioned. You understand your employment arc way out in time.

    As a contractor; they have a certain amount of money set aside for your task or tasks. If you run through the work quickly they might find more things for you to do but when the money set aside for that contract runs out you are done. Available for call backs if they have another project and they didn’t hate you.

    I’ve done stints at the city level and the county level as a contractor. Very educational on things I didn’t know I wanted to know about regarding everything from taxes to how the forensics department handled their data.

    Your pay is slow to change which means in a declining economy you benefit, in an improving economy you suffer.

    I think it totally dependent in which sector you are working. Like if you are in banking sector, there’s no surity that banks will be in government control because of privatisation of banks. But if you are working in state or central government jobs, then definitely you have a surity of government job.

    The other thing is the pride. When you work for government, then you help the government to enhance the economy and you will be called as Government servant.

    In the government sector, there’s surity of employment and no one can take away your job, if you don’t do a heinous crime. But in private sector, you can get a letter of termination anytime uf you don’t meet their expectations.

    Hope this helps 🙏.

    Thank You 😊.

    Traditionally, civil servants have enjoyed excellent job security. In modern Britain that is not the case: budget cuts mean that there is a need to cope with a very large workload processing routine transactions, while promotion depends on outstanding performance at the non-routine parts of the job (which, if you are not careful, can be squeezed out by the boring tasks).

    The main benefit is that you are likely to be doing things that make a significant and positive difference to the lives of large numbers of people.


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    1. Job security.

    2. Good contacts among peer government officials so that you can get your work done quickly(not recommended ideally but this happens).

    3. If you are lucky then you will have sufficient time to enjoy your hobbies or do some volunteering or even start your own businesss.


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