‘United We Fall’ Developer on Taking Seth MacFarlane-Style Humor to a Traditional Household Comedy

‘United We Fall’ Developer on Taking Seth MacFarlane-Style Humor to a Traditional Household Comedy

Compared to the last program he created, Fox’s short-lived “Making History,” Julius Sharpe’s new series “United We Fall” is remarkably low concept.

A conventional, multicamera household sitcom, the series centers on a couple (played by Will Sasso and Christina Vidal Mitchell) and their struggle keep up with the daily needs of raising 2 young daughters.

” You might say I was out of fanciful concepts, so I simply attempted to take a look at what may be intriguing,” Sharpe stated in an interview with TheWrap. “And the more I started talking to individuals about it, individuals seemed keyed into it in a manner that they never ever seemed keyed into my other concepts.”

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United We Fall

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Sharpe drew from his own life for the job as a daddy of 2 thoroughly knowledgeable about the “consistent barrage of criticism” from extended household and the continuous mayhem of being a parent. And when it came time to sell the pitch, it was those recognizable stressors of everyday life that appeared to resonate, leading to a “three or four network” bidding war before the show lastly landed at ABC.

” Part of the pitch was I drop a folder full of my ER bills from the last six months on the table,” Sharpe said.

Those stranger-than-fiction stories are what make up the plot of each episode– the pilot episode culminates in a haunting medical emergency situation that leads Jane Curtin’s character to exclaim “Why is that outside her body ?!,” for example– however it’s the familiar chemistry shared by Sasso and Vidal Mitchell that grounds the program in truth and, ultimately, is what brings it to life.

” Having actually come from ‘Family Man’ and these Seth MacFarlane projects, [I was] trying to bring certain things that would deal with an animation into a multicamera comedy and trying to ground them more in the realism,” Sharpe stated. “There’s a zaniness that comes through, but it’s still real to life.”

” It’s simply a fun half-hour. I wasn’t attempting to be any more enthusiastic than, ‘Hey, you can sit with your family and enjoy and not be extremely offended,'” he said. “I simply wanted to make an excellent hamburger … It may not be the most abstruse food, but individuals like hamburgers, they consume a great deal of them, and they definitely belong.”

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United We Fall

ABC/Byron Cohen

The fact that the program is airing at a time when a story about a family just living their routine lives– going to work and to school, connecting with other people– all seems a bit like science fiction, is something of a paradoxical twist. Purchased to series more than a year ago, all 8 episodes of the very first season were produced well prior to the pandemic drove everybody into their homes with no end in sight.

Sharpe jokingly recommended running a “Star Wars”- design scroll at the top of each episode discussing to weary moms and dads what life was like 6 months ago.

” Even before all this, I was currently so far past where I thought the edge was,” he stated. “It’s nearly like Columbus where you’re like, ‘Oh, this thing is round I simply keep reviewing the edge over and over and over. And now with quarantine, I remain in orbit. There’s no gravity, there’s no axis, whatever happens, I’m just going to float through and somebody’s hopefully going to have the ability to bring me back ultimately.”

However Sharpe hopes the relative normal-ness of “United We Fall” and its stories of a pre-COVID world can work as a short-lived balm for the tension of dealing with agitated children or a global health crisis or any of our other myriad social and economic stress and anxieties.

Sharpe compared the show to “sitcom CBD”: “I’m just going to close down and let them do the heavy lifting for me.”

” I’ve never ever purposefully set out to make something pleasant before, but I think it speaks to my own yearning,” he said. “To me, the guarantee of network TELEVISION is that I can turn this on and not think of my issues for that time. And if that’s all we achieve– if it’s simply that for individuals, a half-hour of pleasantness and light happiness, I’m great with that.”

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United We Fall

ABC/Christopher Willard

” United We Fall” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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