My chest hurts sometimes when drinking water. Why is this …

  • Ok . So this is my story about something similar .first of all I AM NOT A DOCTOR IN ANY WAY, FORM, SHAPE, OR THOUGHTS . I’m just telling what happened to me since to most people this will seem like a stupid question.

    Ok so there I was at work sanding the ceiling of a bathroom for two hours straight ,all plaster joints by hand . Lunchtime rolls around . I’m sweating like a swine and decide to stop to go sit in the van and have my lunch, mashed egg, beetroot ,lettuce, and ham sandwiches along with a big bottle of water .

    Mmmm mm sandwich was delicious . Time for a drink of water, dried out from sweating so much in the middle of summer gulp gulp gulp down goes a litre of water (1 quart)

    No sooner than I’d lowered my bottle BOOOOM!! it felt as if someone had pile drived a 4×4 post into my chest. And straight out my back . Fark it was sore . . Instantly I panicked and thought SHHIIT IM HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!!! AAAAAAGHH the pain was intense ~ 9.5/10 . so I climb out of the van and sit on a tree stump out on the front lawn while ringing 111 the ambulance lady was talking to me asking me questions while the ambulance was on the way … . . I was panicking freaking out thinking .why why now what the fuck is going on .

    The ambulance turns up,they quickly come over to me ask me a couple of questions and put me in the ambulance. They quickly hooked me up to some machines and looked very calm about the situation. .After a quick check over they proceeded to drive off with me to the hospital . The driver asked 2 or 3? Medic says 3 so I said what’s that mean ? He said if it was a 1 we’d have Sirens going and lights on and speed to the hospital .if 2 we’d just have the lights on and rush . 3 means we’re just gonna Cruise back nice and calm .

    So we get to middlemore hospital where there is usually a 6 hour wait for non urgent cases . I go straight into E.D they hook me up to lots of machines test me for lots of stuff, take xrays , ECG me about 5 or 6 times . Blood pressure.pulse, troponin, wells score the whole 9 yards .

    After 6 hours they say your as healthy as can be, no lung scarring , heart is not over size organs are I the right places no “lumps” visible anywhere . Blood tests are all normal. Over all results “UN REMARKABLE “ they called everything . No worries ,discharged . No diagnosis .

    So I catch the train home my van is on the other side of the city and its dinner time. I get to my suburb , get off the train and wonder if I should get a taxi .then decide nah its only a 3.5 km walk (2.25 miles) I get home sit down to dinner and the first mouthful of food (broccoli) BOOOM it hits again . Faaaaaark I thought, I’m driving myself there this time, went back to the hospital . Ran through the same tests again , what a nightmare .

    So it’s midnight I’m lying there half asleep with a needle in my hand and wires stuck all over me . And two! Doctors come in to see me . They were a bit confused as to how that much pain could show NOTHING on any of their tests . . But thanks to their questioning they both came to the conclusion from me telling them first it was water when i was thirsty and then food after.

    They both agreed that that level of thirst and lack of electrolytes could cause cramping. They couldn’t diagnose this unless I had an ultrasound imaging device on Me WHILE it was happening . But said it was “esophageal spasms” causing the pain.

    explained in this link》》 Michigan Medicine.

    It happened AGAIN, in a different city where I was living.And once again it confused the shit out of the doctors again ..

    Now this story is completely real and all events are truthful . If this pain you had is mild and less painful than my episodes . Still get it checked out . Strong or mild chest pain should always get checked out. Don’t just assume you have what I had. It might be or it might not be .sounds like what happened to me . So I just wanted to let you know and everyone . It happens.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far through my novel . I’ll take it to the publishers tomorrow .

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