Is Kurkure bad for health?

  • It is Definitely Bad for Health, It has an attractive package to cleverly attract the kids, it is high in Salt and also has ill effects on health, some people does not know they have high blood pressure and these salty foods rises their BP more leading to complication, One can eat Once or twice in a month, but it cannot be considered as a daily snack, I have seen kids carrying kurkure every day on the way back from school with their parents,Eating Salty foods and sugary Drinks from young age leads to Blood pressure in early 30’s and 40’s same goes to all packed foods, Packed foods with preservatives are always harmful in the long run, one should always eat fresh food ,if possible make your own chips occasionally. The food industry is slowly growing to be harmful to human health see all those eateries around you Pizza’s and Burgers everything affects our health in a progressive manner.

    Hey ! I think I’m qualified to answer this because I’m addicted to Kurkure since my childhood. Definitely it’s not healthy or as healthy as fruits or green leafy veggies but it’s also not as unhealthy as we have been considering it to be. I’m a 20 year old kid or maybe an adult who can’t do without kurkure for a single day, yes a ‘single day’ especially those pink tedhe medhe.

    And yes it has been years now since kurkure have become a part of my daily diet and I’m still alive and am perfectly healthy. I don’t stop myself from having something just because it is considered unhealthy I experiment it on myself and then decide, I suggest you the same.

    Also there has been a lot of conjuncture about kurkure being made of plastic which is not true. Offcourse they aren’t healthy but wouldn’t kill you either. Eat kurkure proudly unless you’re afraid of putting on weight. Xoxo!

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    Kurkure Ingredients:

    1. Rice Meal (42.7%)
    2. Edible Vegetable Oil (Palmolein Oil)
    3. Corn Meal (19.7%)
    4. Spices and condiments (Onion Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Amchur Powder, Coriander Seed Powder, Garlic Flakes & Powder, Ginger Powder, Black pepper powder, Turmeric Powder, Spice Extract, Fenugreek)
    5. Gram Meal (3.3%)
    6. Salt
    7. Sugar
    8. Tomato Powder (0.1%)
    9. Citric Acid (330)
    10. Dextrose
    11. Milk Solids, and
    12. Edible Starch

    So, Kurkure is the mixture of excessive fibre and spices. Avoid eating it more than 20 grams per serving or it may lead to various stomach ailments. If you are very conscious about your fitness then Kurkure is an anti element for your body. Try to eat fresh food, packaged food is always unnatural and unhealthy.

    Kurkure is not bad for health. In fact any product that’s been made for consumption as food or snacks is never bad for health. If anyone tells you that something so not good for health then that person has no idea what they’re talking about and you should ignore them.

    However it is bad for health/life in the following situations

    1. You are not allowed to eat it due to some disease
    2. Random stranger offers you an open packet of kurkure(or any other food/snack/drink)
    3. Post expiry date
    4. Eating too much of it (this applies to all food and not just kurkure)


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    Of course! The ingredients listed on the packet include- rice meal, edible vegetable oil, corn meal, gram meal, spices, condiments, salt, sugar, citric acid etc.

    The nutrition label will tell you that it’s high in fats and carbohydrates, and poor in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. What does that mean? Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and a multitude of other conditions.

    Kurkure or any other packaged foods are NOT good for your health, and will never come close to home-cooked meals. While you may have it once in a while, I’d say avoid it whenever you can.

    Hope this helps.

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    It is a misconception that kurkure is made of plastic and this statement is senseless. when you see the ingredients list, you could see that it contains rice,corn , spices,preservatives and artificial flavors just like any other snack item. It is the property of a puffed product that makes it burn like plastic. so don’t worry about eating this snack but a higher consumption may be riskful like that of other junks


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    Sure it is bad for health but one thing it is not made up of plastic those are just rumours. Kurkure is made up of a polymer (Reason for its burning ).Kurkure is made up of some biomolecules that our body cannot have in excess.Excess of these bimolecules cause health issues. But These are also found in any other snack pack also .So it doesn’t mean that stopping to eat Kurkure is the final cure ,If you are really concerned about your health stop eating these snacks(Lays Bingo Diamond PO )


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    As per the studies one of the junk food is kurkure. This kurkure is bad for the digestion for us and for small kids. The most food which i preferred by our parents is that to not to eat junk food this is because in day to day life we need nutrients and all stuff so that we can make our day very easy and fast as possible. This all is because of proper digestion and proper nutrients which we get from home made foods. That’s why our parents and elders advice us to not to eat junk food. As by my preferences kurkure is bad for health.


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    Kurkure is a safe snack for consumption. It is made from edible ingredients including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, edible oil, spices, etc that we use in our daily kitchen. Kurkure burns because of the presence of carbohydrates and oil .But Kurkure is a junk food ,so don’t use it any time.


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    Anything eaten without any limits is always bad. Even if you consume a lot of coconut water which is very healthy, you Wil end up with many health issues. So kurkure as a sometime snack is ok but not always. It has way too much spices, salt, preservatives so not a healthy option.


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    Kurkure is essentially made from high starch, oils, preservatives, spices(not that that can be considered good), which are not that essentially bad, but it dosen’t mean it is good for health. Moreover, this are snacks which can not be taken often.


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