Is it weird to delight in stress and anxiety?

  • Is it strange to enjoy anxiety?

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    My spouse resembles that. He is so irritated when I state ‘what did you say?” because he is talking with himself and I believe he is talking to me.

    He simply wails

    ” Absolutely nothing! I was just speaking with myself”

    He talks with himself in the exact same tone of voice and inflections as he does speaking with me or other people (ok, maybe he is less crabby when he talks with himself).

    I sometimes speak to myself too. Though what I am usually stating is “What a geek!” and “Idiot” as I have a flash memory of something stupid I did years back.

    I read somewhere that talking to oneself signifies intelligence and creative problem solving ability.

    Clearly, I am not going to disagree.

    The method people manage stress I believe is rather individual to them. Some people suppress whatever and evaluate everything. Others are extremely aggressive. Much depends upon the circumstances and the intensity of the pressure. If you are under a tight due date or really competitive criteria, a person is more likely to lose their normal emotional discipline. Stating anything lets off some pressure for you. It is more regulated than merely swearing and possibly that is why you do it the method you do. It at least has the look of some rationality while providing you some release. It probably would not hurt if you added ‘I know that makes no sense, simply needed to state something.’

    If, you are healthy and have everything that you require, then, I believe, the natural state of male is delight. Our contemporary society has a 1000 methods and means to avoid you from experiencing what we ought to be experiencing every day. The majority of us are lost in working to settle financial obligation or simply to make a fundamental survival wage. We are attacked a 100 times a day about something we require, medicine, a new car, the most recent phone, so much so that we forget who and what we are, just individuals who may otherwise enjoy and enjoy ourselves if we could just reach our genuine selves.

    Its truly a matter of degree most people get at least a little right brain stress and anxiety driven intrusive believed with their normal voice in their head, the severe end is loud constant voices our right brain comprises.

    As my best brain GAD became worse there was more rubbish in my head, EGMi increases use of the left logical/positive brain as TMS is attempting with magnets.

    My mind is still genetically loud but all internal dialogue is logical/positive, it was the loud logical/positive mind that got us out of the trees.


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    Friends, I call it healthy anxiety which are meant for enjoyment.All unfavorable sensations as much as a certain limit are healthy, it motivates you in its own method … it pushes you to do the task in time. Every early morning we feel lazy to wake up.Most of young buddies awaken in time due to the fact that of healthy anxiety… After they do their morning work.

    And yes … after that particular limitation it is most widespread illness eliminating individuals … serving as sluggish poison.We needs to know this great line where stress and anxiety alters the kind… healthy to harmful.We needs to prevent getting caught into this hazardous stress and anxiety.

    As a teen i when i had to poop and the bathroom wasn’t a choice i pooped my trousers on purpose last time i didn’t want to poop my trousers when i was house i grabbed my siblings panties put them on entered into my room i had my own space it was a big house and i let it rip i pooped in my sister’s panties i was relief and i cleaned the mess didn’t tidy her underwear i wished to frame my sis for pooping herself showed mama sis got diaper punishment i got away with it


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