Is death by hanging agonizing?

  • Is death by hanging agonizing?


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    Let me contribute a first-hand experience of suspension hanging. It was hardly comfortable, I lost awareness within seconds. I have a slapdash dorm room set-up to thank for my survival; had I gotten all the information right, it would have been a relatively painless death. I discuss it since gentle, lean-in types of hanging are more lethal than you might expect, and I have sometimes wondered the number of obvious suicides by hanging are more or less unintentional … “experiments” by troubled people who are simply crying for help or seeking comfort in parasuicidal behavior. It’s a bit like Tylenol overdose– easy to eliminate yourself, if you’re that negligent, without quite suggesting to– however with no medical recourse and no possibility to explain yourself after the act.

    Typical understanding has it that suspension hanging is a slow, painful procedure of asphyxiation, which by all accounts holds true of executions carried out with a rope. It would appear that suicides tend to pad their ropes and belts– due to the fact that a thin rope of any kind digs into the neck and injures about as much as you may envision– and presumably, the padding more successfully cuts off the blood supply to your brain. I am not alone in this; see [1], in which a finished suicide took only 13 seconds to black out. That’s a few seconds longer than I took, insofar as my memory is a trustworthy record of the time taken, and FWIW, I was far more generous with the cushioning. Why make it hurt? When your weight settles around your neck, there is an incredible pressure and a hurrying feeling in the head right before the world goes dark and swimmy. I had no idea of attempting to stand in order to save myself, and this was simply due to confusion and lack of time.

    What the finished suicide experiences next is a concern for a theologian. What I experienced next was the gradual awareness that I was pushing my back in the middle of the smooth wood flooring, searching for at the ceiling. A vision was fading away, and I realized that although I believed I had actually been chewing on something which I tasted strongly, there was absolutely nothing in my mouth. I discovered that there was blood all over my hand, and I found that it was from a small gash on my face. I sat up and tried to remember what had taken place, but I could only reconstruct it. In any case, I had actually gotten off the hook, and although this didn’t featured a bouquet and a rainbow, I was grateful that I had been spared the shame of a real death by hanging.

    The experience wasn’t extremely unpleasant, but it could have been really unsightly.

    [1] Sauvageau, A., & & Racette, S. (2007). Agonal series in a filmed suicidal hanging: Analysis of breathing and movement reactions to asphyxia by hanging. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 52( 4 ), 957-959

    Depends on what kind of hanging you’re referring too.

    I keep in mind reading and seeing the consequences of an unique “hanging” in a forensic journal. The deceased tied a rope to a tree trunk. Then put the noose around his neck. Got into his car. Turned on the engine. Put the cars and truck in reverse. Knocked the accelerator.

    He beheaded himself.

    Hanging is not the most enjoyable way to die even in the most gentlest manner. It still focuses on strangulation to trigger asphyxiation. Much incorrect can take place in the procedure.

    The reason hanging developed over the years is, because the traditional executions of old were extracted painful affairs. The general public executions in England had the public pulling on the condemneds’ legs to quicken their deaths, as some wouldn’t pass away and the general public’s patience was evaluated.

    The general public prefers a “clean” serene death, but the human body is designed to make it through. It’s that basic impulse to endure that makes public executions so gross. They’ll vomit. They’ll loose control of their bowels. They shout. They weep. Blood permeates out of the orifices. They just won’t simply pass away that angelic death shown in films.

    That’s how the drop hanging method came, it fasted. The results ended up being terrible though when it ended up being not an expert “art” but a common practice. Then drunk executioners wouldn’t do the right math for the drop tables, and some condemned were beheaded. This is another reason federal governments started having closed executions, too.

    Even the WWII Nuremberg executions went terribly wrong, where a number of the Nazis had to be jerked by the executioner to break their necks, as 20 minutes hanging wasn’t sufficient (drop hanging the rope is created to break the neck, when it does not they have a hard time due to strangulation and it’s an awful affair).

    So, to answer your concern: is hanging unpleasant? Yes. Rope or ligature they’re going to feel it, as they’re going to cut off oxygen and blood to the brain. It’s going to feel similar to a migraine. In some cases for a long time, if they don’t break their neck effectively (how would it feel to break the neck and not be paralyzed and slowly strangle? That’s the things of problems).

    I simply checked out all the responses that it hurts incredibly much. My experience is different. However, that’s most likely due to the fact that I dissociated rather quickly. I was currently involuntarily on a psych ward, and I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose, given that I had actually just been told that i was going to be sent out to the state hospital, due to the fact that I was too expensive threat for any other rate due to constant self harm and suicudality.

    In between 15 minute checkes, I rapidly looped a torn strip of sheet through the grid of the ceiling vent( very first i had to get the sheet through a breakable plastic vent by utilizing a pencil, the torn sheet with a noose I had actually prepared in the previous 15 minute check).

    I was so focused on what I was doing, that the rest of the world simply fell away. I rapidly climbed up onto a dresser, slipped my head through the noose and jumped off. I do keep in mind believing for a moment that I was really uneasy, however I didnt feel real pain and as soon as I accepted that I was going to pass away, I simply felt extremely unwinded and more serene than I had ever felt. I don’t keep in mind being removed by the psych nurses, I simply keep in mind waking up flat on a gurney with my head incapacitated and someone shouting” x- ray”, then I understood I must not be dead. I was aware of my environments, however I was puzzled why the nurses who came to examine me and who had actually understood and liked me for some time were so upset with me. Only later did I understand what I put them through, seeing me hanging there and after that frantically trying to save me, they were distressed. I felt bad about that. I likewise became obsessed with hanging myself once again, due to the fact that of the severe tranquillity I had experienced when hanging. I never ever did it again I didnt desire to shock anybody like that once again.

    That was about 16 years back, and Im so thankful I did not pass away, because if I had, I would have never ever had the pleasure of knowing my incredible daughter.

    Why is it so tough to respond to a person’s concern without entering into the reasons that they should not do it? Don’t you think they have heard all this prior to and have reviewed numerous circumstances in their minds already or does it make tou feel like youf did a good deed for the day?

    Nowhere in the concern does it ask if they must or ought to not do it. For Christ’s sake I have actually been extremely near to ending all of it and still am but before anyone gets to that point they usually tire other opportunities. Its a steady process to get to this point.

    So to address your concern …

    It is fairly painless if done correctly. Falling straight down from the correct height with the correct knot positioned behind the left ear will pull the spine apart leading to immediate death. If there was discomfort it would be so fast you would not even register it. Drop too far and it is possible to pull your head off which would be pretty grusome for whomever finds you however you’ll be dead so you won’t know anyways.

    Utilizing the standing on a chair technique and kicking it out will cause you to pass out in a matter of seconds as long as the rope puts proper pressure on the arteries resulting in the brain. Once you pass out you will not feel anything. Death comes soon after from no oxygen getting to your organs.

    Yes. If somebody finds you in this time you could end up with permanent damage but really … how tough is it to slip away for 30 minutes where nobody can discover you. I feel the people that do not do this step are just crying out for help/attention.

    In reality there is alot that can go wrong and if it does it may wind up hurting or worse, you fail, and up with permant damage.

    So tie an appropriate knot, calculate the proper drop height and ensure you have an hour where nobody is going to find you.

    This question has no direct answer; really it can not be answered. No one hanged spends time to tell the story (excepting description listed below).

    Hanging, if properly carried out by dropping a victim who is noosed by the neck, triggers death by “breaking the neck.” This action causes instant death by rupturing the spinal cord at the base of the skull.

    Consciousness stops working so quickly that awareness of discomfort stops working and memory of the discomfort can not form. In a sense it is like beheading, just less bloody.

    In my mind it hurts to see. The function of a public execution is to intimidate those observing.

    In Middle Ages Europe, as much as, possibly after the 1600 s, there was practiced a harsh type of execution called “drawn, ( correction per RD comment: hung, drawn and quartering) hanged, and quartering”.

    The victim would be dragged behind a wagon, hung by the neck from a rope without being dropped to avoid instant death, then cut down prior to death by suffocation, and after that disemboweled and/or quartered – the legs and arms would be cut off. This type of execution was preserved for the treacherous.

    The body parts would then be buried separately to in theory prevent resurrection of the body to rejoin the soul at the 2nd Coming.

    As far as I know, the last time in England the authorities used this strategy was for the conspirators who had tried the explosion of your houses of Parliament by planting a massive amount of weapon powder in the basement of the Parliament structure,1605 The plan belonged to the Catholic conspiracy to restore Catholic guideline in England.

    At the extremely last moment, as the story is now informed, the conspirators were recorded while attempting to spark the charge. This event is remembered as “Person Fawkes Day,” after the mastermind of the event. Guy was the guy executed, who suffered, by being drawn, hanged ( correction: hung) and quartered, a sluggish and certainly uncomfortable death.

    It depends. Death by strangulation is terrible, however more ‘humane’ techniques of hanging (where the condemned falls a specific range before the noose applies a large interruption force to a hyperextended cervical spinal column) are really likely to induce a Hangman’s fracture – Wikipedia

    This often results in subluxation of the C1 and C2 components, squashing the spine against the body of the C3 vertebra.

    This is speculation on my part, but I think of the sudden, terrible Excitotoxicity would be anything but uncomfortable. In truth, there is reason to recommend such catastrophic neural discharges might be connected with the descriptions of ego-loss, light and other non-painful perceptions that patients sometimes report with near-death experiences. Somatic pain signalling is often slower than the more reflexive neural mechanisms found in spinal cord structures. Hence, I think of a person going through a well-executed hanging would experience something like an unexpected flash of light and basic disorientation then very little more …

    If such a merciful terrible system does not happen and the Hangman’s Dance ensues … well … I do not really want to talk about that. The severe considerate response to asphyxiation has been explained by some survivors in terms like ‘hellish, unavoidable terror’.

    If you do it wrong, absolutely.

    If you do it ideal (referred to as “long-drop hanging” when used as an execution technique – the concept is to all at once sever the spinal cord, cut off blood flow to and from the brain, and close the windpipe), well, it’s hoped not, but I do not believe anyone knows for sure. Undoubtedly, each time it’s been done “right,” no one came back to state what it felt like, and appropriate brain-scanning equipment wasn’t available (or nobody ever thought to attempt utilizing it) when capital penalty was dropped in a lot of countries that utilized hanging for execution.

    That’s if you get it right, obviously. There are a lot of information to think about, and most of them aren’t written down anywhere – there were numerous official tables published in the UK offering proper drop distance for a provided weight of person (they disagree hugely with each other), and there’s a particular location it’s normally agreed that the knot has to go, but otherwise even expert hangmen like Albert Pierrepoint did it by judgement and experience found out apprenticed to his predecessors, approximating the appropriate density and type of rope, adjusting the basic drop for a given prisoner’s particular build and musculature, and so on

    Plus there’s always traditional amateur errors like using a rope so thin that it breaks, or tying the knot wrong so the noose does not tighten up properly (Pierrepoint infamously never ever utilized a knot at all), or tying the rope to something that can’t take the strain and will break …

    By the way, apparently the average effective suicide has about 30 failed efforts prior to being successful – that’s a great deal of pain.

    Yes death by hanging is extremely unpleasant. Especially for all individuals who understand you and you leave. Death by hanging leaves a hole in the hearts of loved ones.

    I have studied the subject and think about a drop hanging the very best method. There are charts offered which offer the drop range according to weight. I am 80 kg and my perfect drop ought to be 1.8 m. I have an athletic neck so possibly 1.9 m would be better. If I was weaker physically then 1.7 m would get the job done, without taking my head off. The rope and knot is also important. 30 mm hemp or sisal with a big steel eyelet. The eyelet must sit under the left side chin. The rope where the neck is contacted can be covered in leather or heat diminish. There is no point having an itchy neck as your last thought.

    Wet the rope and hange it with heavy weights overnight. This will take much of the stretch out of it. The idea is to have the rope snap the head back and sideways really quickly. When done. This cant be undone.

    Suicide ia a selfish violent act. Not for the wrongdoer. The violence infects everybody they understand. Be kind to you friends and family. Live for them, if not for yourself.

    Yes, ofcourse, it is exceptionally unpleasant and release great deals of psychological toxins. When it begins practically all individuals want to eliminate this discomfort and drop idea of suicide however it’s too late. It is so much suffocating and scientifically your breath and blood circulation suffer. Your brain stop getting supply and general it is such a dangerous and uncomfortable death.

    I transformed individuals who just want to do suicide to the one who value and enjoy life fully.

    Technical details: We are having numerous body so when causal body is larger than mind (aura) then individuals feel stuck and bounded and seemed like giving up. Aura keep on changing. Soo even if you are quite sure that right this minute you wan na pass away. Next minute you might feel, it’s such a foolish concept. Almost all such soul remorse such actions.

    Worst part is – when individual is dead then soul bring same impression of suffocating, pain, anxiety and causes for which it does. It is like putting oneself on fire and no extinguisher readily available. Through body, we can eliminate all pain/suffering but (I – body) have NO CHOICE but to be in discomfort.

    Suicide is most silly thing; when somebody is too tired with life its better to take Sanyasa (renounce the world) and join some service company and do good for the world. Yes, Because though he/she might feel low, but actually can conserve many people. So get rid of worldly affair and not the world please.

    For instance, Join Art of Living, 5000 service job. Do some, you will discover galaxy of best people on planet and you will feel so great.

    Hope you are not asking this to perform yourself.

    I check out an answer to your question where the individual actually went through that.

    I myself discover it quite comparable to what happened to me a couple or more months back. Its true that I didnt actually think about suiciding at that very effort. It was simply something like – lets see if it works.

    Really I utilized a towel and as far I can remember it didnt injure me then. After the suspension I blacked out within seconds. Next minute I woke up was down on the floor. I was choking greatly and there was blood on my face and mouth. My mommy was knocking the door. In some way after I unlocked the event ended up being an embarassing mess.

    After the incident I was bleeding all day. Every time i flushed water through my nose it was red. Likewise there was an enormous hurting discomfort on ideal upper which lasted a week or so. Rest there was a swelling on my temple and a backache.

    The incident actually makes me feel scary that I was there hanging by my throat. Had the towel not snapped or if it might’ve lasted 5– 6 minutes I would’ nt be living today.

    Apparently when carried out properly death by hanging is not unpleasant, this nevertheless requires the right density rope, the ideal hangman’s knot and a specific distance to fall prior to the noose tightens and the spinal cord is snapped. The head is expected to flick forward and back triggering “Brain slosh” and rendering the individual unconscious. As the spine has snapped at C1 – C2 the nerves responsible for respiration cease to operate and breathing stops, being unconscious the individual does not register this and so passes away in a brief period of time. As death is because of lack of oxygen it was really typical in public hangings to see the condemned individual twitch and jerk about as the muscles of the body starved of oxygen. There is some misconception and I don’t know if it is shot or not that males experience an orgasm – the most likely fact is that as the body relaxes the bowel and bladder unwind resulting in some leak – the escape of urine may be the cause of the speculation. Nobody who has been successfully hanged has actually ever come back to report on the experience. A number of people as below report the severe pain associated with attempted hangings.

    No, it is not. I have experienced it. It depends how you do it. I brought one thick rope, approx. 5 feet in length. I then made 2 knots on the neck of my neck. I was dominating the chair. There were pillows below my legs to support. I didn’t pull the chair down. I experienced blackout in few seconds, uncontrolled voices were coming out of my mouth. Then I felt uncounciousness soon. The whole experience was so calm and relaxing. There was so peace, I never ever experienced this much in my entire life. Then I tried to get rid of knots as i was loosing counciousness. If I had actually not done that, I would have certainly passed away an easy death. I prospered in it lastly. I can state living is far hard than dying.

    I don’t understand the response to this to be truthful, I have actually heard as long as the neck breaks straightaway, death is instant and no pain is felt.

    I am interested in this question, as I have known lots of people take their own life in this manner, and just a couple of weeks back, a very dear pal of mine hung himself, I was the last person to talk to him.

    I was so involved my own ‘grief’ my child had emigrated the month before and I had actually ended up being depressed, so I didn’t pick up on his state of mind, I definitely didn’t realise he was self-destructive.

    I have blamed myself for his death ever since, doesn’t matter how many times people tell me it wasn’t my fault, it was and I have to live with it permanently.

    The only thing that will console me … did he feel any discomfort? I was wanting to discover the answer here, however I have not.

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