Is being pals with benefits a bad or an advantage?

  • If done properly (preventing undesirable pregnancy), sex is no various than massage, acupuncture, or any other treatment of your body.

    Is it immoral to equally massage each-other with your pal in the weekends?

    Obviously not.

    It is totally moral to ask your good friend who is a girl for a massage, but it would seem typically unethical to ask her for sex, the same way as you ask for a massage.

    In truth both are just a dopping for your body, nothing more.

    We got here to the age when we are in control of ourselves much more than our instinctive savage ancestors, so we are able to have accountable sex.

    The reason why sex became culturally managed is partially since individuals were reckless. They bred children without wanting it.

    They were not able to take pleasure in some great oxytocin without breeding children.

    This was a practical factor.

    The second was due to the fact that promiscuous individuals were not considered useful for the society, however it’s the same reason: they knew and scared of the chaos arising from individuals breeding kids while beeing promiscuous.

    That would have screwed up the well established system of households and lead to impossible scenarios.

    Plus, the threat of STDs.

    It depends on our intelligence, culture and innovation: how responsible we are concerning STDs and pregnancy.

    So I think the reason it ended up being unethical it’s a simply useful factor: it screwed up the society system.

    That is why is more and more accepted (to be “unethical”) because we have contraception technologies, and cure for sexually transmitted diseases.

    Plus, the norm for sex is far more varied today: types of no risk sex are more commonly practiced i think (oral and manual sex).

    People have more control, more understanding, they don’t go after blind rules anymore.

    Teens they practically get away with no danger sex without causing any trouble.

    It refers culture, awareness, innovation and duty.

    So the answer is: up until now you and your good friend with advantage are mindful and accountable, it’s not immoral.

    When we find out to not cause trouble with it nobody can blame us anymore.;-RRB-

    Depends a lot also on the culture of sex.

    If you practice a savage, wild, brutal penetrational sex mainly in an unconscious state, you are more exposed to the threats.

    This is much result of the sexual culture.

    But there are ways to have responsible sex, certainly.

    And as more accountable we are, as less unethical it will be.

    Nobody can blame you for anything if you don’t trigger problem.

    The problem is that people are assumptive.

    Sex is what it is: and absolutely nothing more. It doesn’t indicate that i will be your servant forever, or I’m going to wed you or that we are best friends. It only suggests that we mutually help each-other to feel much better. That’s it. Individuals appointed marriage to it and relationship and all, that is why people are assumptive.

    Sex should not be the currency of relationship, marriage, status or anything else.

    Status, relationship and marriage are all nice, but do not measure them with sex because they are not sex.

    Our cultural system is using your sexual desire to tempt you into marriage or into acquiring status, by making sex legitim just in certain conditions.

    Sex is always legitim.

    It is what it is and should be not utilized as a currency or to achieve something else with it.

    It’s not basically important than it is.

    Sex is used for the slut shaming purpose of jealous men, ladies utilize it to draw males into marital relationship (will make love just after marriage).

    Sex is a big reliance of ours, and individuals are using it to accomplish something else with it, to regulate the society system with it.

    Our sexuality is misused, similar to drug user are misused by making drugs costly and unlawful.

    When a woman tells you that she can have sex only when she remains in a dedicated relationship, she is lying. She is lying likewise to the true herself.

    Partially she hesitates of slut shaming (which is done by envious and dissatisfied guys or jealous and dissatisfied females (but primarily males)- they utilize sex to pity you),

    and partially she is using sex to make you devoted to her.

    The fact is not that she can not make love beyond marriage, but: she simply does not desire. Due to the fact that she has some plans which are more crucial to her than her own sexual desire: utilizing sex as her currency. As her benefit. Since you wed her. Or dated her.

    So as you see sex is utilized as a method to manipulate.

    It’s wrong.

    When somebody is truthfully sexual, with a true desire, will not utilize sexuality as a tool. Will live sexuality instead.

    True sexual feelings suggest inner happiness and spiritual accomplishment, of high awareness and creativity. Lots of people who listen to rules instead of their heart, can not achieve this level.

    When you are able to want sexuality itself and not only to manipulate or manage with it, then you know that you are doing well.

    You can be also naturally nonsexual obviously, but the guideline is still the same: you ought to treat sexuality for what it is. You should not abuse it or turn it into a mere currency of your other interests. Our culture is not yet completely on the level to use sexuality for what it is. They feel in one’s bones it’s something extremely influential, so they use it as a method of managing others.

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