Is 30% artery blockage serious? How long can someone live …

  • Lifestyle, having omega 3 oils can reduce inflammation.

    those are in fish oils, planktons, seaweeds.

    Omega 6 oils are the oils in most cereals.

    Cholesterols are in hard fats of pork and other things.

    But also beef and animal fats can give nutrients to the heart and systems as well, that people are deprived by and does not give harm.

    It is not a day to day thing as many people can have benefits of many oils and types of oils.

    It, genetically and medically is a function of age. All lifeforms, which humans Are a part of, as they age, the arteries stiffen and also collect things inside of their arteries.

    It is a function of age, that NOONE is immune to, or they die or other causes.

    No none can change or stop that process.

    Anyone who says so is a liar.

    The arteries and veins stiffen and they collect things. ( inside their arteries, as plaques, as well all the veins and arteries as well as collecting things they become stiffer and thinner with age, for all people. There is no way to address it. It is a function of age, no one can escape from. )

    A main cause of death is heart attack and stroke.

    No matter the best diet or exercise, it is part of human life, and death.

    There are many normal occlusions of the artery and places to address it as well as common problem.

    If you have a main artery blocked or occluded. you need to have to replaced.

    Or to be cleared out and have a stent to support blood flow.

    People need to understand the purpose and reason for surgeries.

    because a main artery that feeds blood and oxygen to your body is blocked and not transferring blood and vital oxygen to the cells and organs of your body.

    IF, you are lucky enough to have it diagnosed and operated on, your are very lucky indeed.

    Other wise, cell death will happen in an organ or, a catastrophic heart attack or stroke.

    Ischemia in a body structure, in the abdomen, stricture of blood and oxygen supply.

    sometimes a heart attack, or called a clot .or an occlusive stroke.

    People should have choice , whichever way they want to go and to have information of both choices.

    As people get older, the cross hatching proteins fibrins and repair mechanisms of the arteries and veins get less strong and weaker.

    they get thinner and weaker with age.

    that would be a hemorrhage, or bleed or a aneurysm.

    those are the tubes, or garden hoses of the blood systems.

    They can get weaker, bulge and break. Opposite problem of a clot stroke, Instead the hose bulges and breaks or tears.

    As they loose integrity or get weaker or thinner an aneurysm can develop.

    Then, if it breaks, anywhere in the body, can be a loss of blood or oxygen in the body.

    That a person cannot not only die from occlusion, but also breakage in age.

    a person can from either cause.

    And treatment can be the opposite, as well.

    When people have a stroke it can EASILY be from either cause, an occlusive, clotting stroke or a hemogenic, breaking, bleeding stroke AND It is essential for proper treatment to know which one,

    One gives clot busting treatments and others give bleeding stop treatments.

    If your or a loved one has stroke like symptoms please get to an emergency medical center as soon as possible as it can effect the brain.

    Those can be, they are not pronouncing things correctly. They droop. and the side of the face not the same.

    That can be a sign that blood flow and oxygen is cut off in the brain (from a clot or a bleed) and they need medical attention.

    Stroke Signs and Symptoms

    It is a VERY strange thing mentally. No one. I don’t. think we we ever die mentally.

    We can see, things, people die. we can know it mentally and see no one survives past a certain age, BUT NOT BELIEVE IT.

    We do not believe, it, but others do, die and life goes on and they adjust to it. The earth goes around the sun, need to get work or jobs or food. Or remember them in bizarre ways.

    It is all so strange.

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