How to treat gas pain in the shoulder blade

  • How can you treat gas pain in the shoulder blade?

    You cannot have gas pain in your shoulder blade.

    The area of your shoulder blade is part of your musculoskeletal system.

    And by shoulder blade are you referring to the bone, or the general area?

    If you are having pain that is radiating from an area in your chest to your shoulder. You may be thinking that this is gas pain because it is starting in the area of your stomach.

    Your stomach is part of your digestive system and this system is enclosed. Gas in your digestive system cannot escape into other parts of your body, unless there is a perforation of your digestive tract. If there is a perforation of your digestive tract you would be in severe pain, and very ill needing emergency treatment.

    That said; if you are having pain in your chest that is radiating to your shoulder, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your heart and the arteries surrounding it.

    Some people suffer with angina where the supply of blood to the heart muscles decreases when partially blocked arteries momentarily get narrow as they constrict. The decrease supply of blood to the heart leads to the heart muscles getting tired and causing pain. This can sometimes lead to heart attacks.

    You should see your physician if you are having a pain like this, as it could be a sign of heart disease.

    How do you know it’s gas pain? Pain in the shoulder can be from an irritated diaphragm. This called referred pain. For instance people get pain down an arm sometimes with heart attacks- that’s one referred pain most people know.

    If this is a one off thing I wouldnt worry too much, but if it’s constant, frequent or not getting better or is incapacitating, you should see a doctor. This could be your gut as others have mentoined, but not necessarily


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    Umm…”gas pain” in the shoulder could very well be Cardiac. I’d be very weary!—

    The aforementioned and any comments/content of mine do not constitute the providing of medical advice nor establish any provider-patient relationship. All information I provide is for entertainment/study purposes and does not constitute any medical guidance. It is your responsibility to seek medical advice and care from a licensed provider. I am not responsible for any consequences of your abiding by my written material or not seeking licensed care.


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    I am not sure, but it is possible, I know that. I have had surgery, and when they do laproscopic (sp- sorry, too tired to look it up) surgery, they fill your abdomen with air so they can manipulate surgical tools and move stuff around in there without nicking you and making you bleed out or some such scary stuff. Then they sew you up again, yes, with all that air inside of you.

    Afterwards you have bad gas, so you have to get up and walk so the air moves downward (gravity flow) and release it naturally. LOL Natural gas. When you don’t move enough it gets up into your chest and get trapped (hot air rises) so the longer it’s in you the hotter it gets (blood heats it) and then you have chest pain in the shoulder (right or left…I had left).

    If you have not had surgery, then you are full of hot air. Officially. 😉 Probably due to food intolerances and rotting food elements. That’s usually why people get gas…their food is not digestion properly so it’s decomposing and creating gas inside them.

    Perhaps consider taking some digestive enzymes, and not mixing too many foods until that clears up (meaning eat simply…not so many sauces and herbs. Plain food, few combinations.

    Good luck with that. 🙂

    When you have any surgery on your abdomen, you get warned multiple times that you may feel pain in your shoulders that night (post-op), because of the gas in your belly caused by the surgery. Even laporoscopic surgeries can trigger this. So, while normal gas is unlikely to (or everyone would have sore shoulders!), extra gas in your belly can indeed cause shoulder pain – strange as it seems.

    I am not a doctor, but this is something that made me go “huh, who knew?” on surgery day.


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    Shoulder pain can be perceived when there is irritation to the diaphragm, known as “referred pain”. This has to do with sensory nerves that receive signals from the diaphragm via the phrenic nerve which originates from C3–5, the same spinal cord level as those for the front of the shoulder.

    Typically this is noticed with “free gas” in the abdomen, especially after abdominal surgery is performed by laparoscopic technique, where carbon dioxide use to expand the abdominal cavity to allow for visualization and to create a workspace for the instruments.

    Despite efforts by the surgeon to fully remove the gas from the abdomen, a residual amount can exist until is is absorbed, and sitting or standing can result in irritation of under the diaphragm, felt shoulder pain.

    Also, a perforation of the intestines could also result in “free air” in the abdomen, sometimes also causing shoulder pain.

    Intestinal gas as a result of cramping and bloating is more commonly felt a back or side pain, but can also be felt in the shoulder.

    That will depend on the cause but a sensation such as “gas pain” should not be occurring in the areas you mentioned.

    Get this checked by a physician immediately— I have had patients describe “gas pain” in those areas who were actually having a myocardial infarction (heart attack.)

    That’s not commonly the cause but it is possible.

    Without further details, it is a common sign of a referred pain from an internal organ, especially as you describe it as being accompanied by indigestion AND nausea. ALL of these are a reason to see a doctor for immediate evaluation for serious conditions that have life-changing consequences.

    “””” Causes of referred shoulder pain may include: Abdominal problems, such as gallstones or pancreatitis. Pelvic problems, such as a ruptured ovarian cyst. Heart or blood vessel problems in which pain is more often felt in the left arm and shoulder, such as heart attack or inflammation around the heart (pericarditis)””””, Pericarditis – Symptoms and causes .

    Are you nauseous with this discomfort. My first thought is that you may have gallstones as this sometimes cause referred pain to the right shoulder and shoulder blade on the right side. Nausea usually accompanies this and it is worse , at least in the beginning, with fried or fatty foods. Later, eating anything can precipitate an attack.


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