How to overcome anxiety when I’m near my crush

  • Anxiety is a word we use for some types of fear that are usually to do with the thought of a threat or something going wrong in the future.

    What happens when you are anxious is that your body, sensing fear, is preparing you for an emergency, so it makes your blood flow to the muscles, increases blood sugar, and gives you the mental ability to focus on the thing that your body perceives as a threat.

    Hoe to overcome your anxiety?

    Face your fear if you can

    If you always avoid situations that scare you, you might stop doing things you want or need to do. You won’t be able to test out whether the situation is always as bad as you expect, so you miss the chance to work out how to manage your fears and reduce your anxiety. Anxiety problems tend to increase if you get into this pattern. Exposing yourself to your fears can be an effective way of overcoming this anxiety.

    Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

    What is the worst that could happen? Play any possible scenario in your head and then make sure to write down a solution for each worry thought. You will feel less stressed when you have a plan.


    Learning relaxation techniques can help you with the mental and physical feelings of fear. It can help just to drop your shoulders and breathe deeply. Or imagine yourself in a relaxing place. You could also try learning things like yoga, meditation or massage.

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    You can think about that your crush as anxiety when (s)he is near you as well, so if you both are anxious when you are close to one another, then you would never be together because neither of you will make the first step.

    Understand that other people have thoughts as well, they are thinking as well, even if other people can mask it, it does not mean that they are not anxious.

    Think about it, what could go wrong, even if she says NO, what could go wrong, your life would end? No, would others laugh? Most likely no because we’ve been all through these phases, Then what could go wrong?

    Nothing, nothing could go wrong, there is only a lesson from everything, so learn the lesson, and talk to him/her, you will be happy that you did, even if (s)he says no, because at least you’ve tried, but if you don’t try, the regret is forever.

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    You have to be confident in your choice first of all, take some time to think and meditate on what you want in this relationship. Also, please keep their wants and needs in mind too. Were you friends first or did you have a crush first? Are you ready for both possible outcomes? Perhaps maybe it even gets awkward or it could be the best relationship ever? In my opinion a crush is just a crush and shouldn’t be the basis for any healthy relationship because in my personal experience and after talking to others it doesn’t usually go well. This is because of unrealistic expectations, assumptions, and the resentments that follow after.

    Just get over it. either you have good reason to be anxious, in which case find someone you can trust, or you’re worrying over nothing, so stop, or she’ll dump you.

    Worrying is just another way to stop yourself doing something you know you need to do. The things you gain by dealing with this rather than worrying about it are self-respect, judgement, and peace of mind. if you don’t deal with it, you will lose this relationship and you won’t learn to deal with the next one either.

    Good luck, and have a wonderful life. Stop worrying. Work out what’s happening, ask yourself what you need to do, and as soon as you know, do it. You only get one life. Are you going to make chicken salad, or chicken shit?

    Anxiety is worrying about what will happen. Now the thing is what will happen you have to accept it gracefully then why the fear. Lots of times we have self doubt and we hesitate. Later we also regret that hesitation. This becomes a habit. Then it also happens in our professional life and we lose opportunities. So this must not happen.

    For anxiety learn to relax. Breathe slowly only through your nose. Say in your mind relax…relax…relax. Everyone should learn to relax. Anytime there is tension, stress relax.

    Here is one method of relaxing.

    To remove hesitation.

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    42A. Try visualization techniques. Such as visualize confidence. Standing tall, a smile, ease with no worries. The right words flow gracefully. Do this at home when your going to bed at night. Again when you wake. You can repeat this as much as needed. A positive mindset IS the building block to build from. Know also that rejection is inevitable for everyone at some point in life. Yes it stings but it won’t kill you. Your perception is what matters most. Not their perception of you. If you perceive yourself to be likable and worthy of someone’s time, that will shine through. Believing in yourself and being your own coach and cheerleader is what will make life easier.

    I understand being nervous at all. One of the ways to relieve that anxiety is don’t think too much, don’t get stuck in worst case scenarios, meditate, occupy yourself with other things to do, believe in yourself, and think positive. Good luck! Hope it works out!

    Just so you now, I’ve asked several guy friends out and had been rejected. It’s okay and I’m doing great now.

    I know that it’s hard to do, and in the event that you get rejected, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you. I hope stay friends and you’ll get to move on and find the one for you.

    This is a crush. The best way to get over your anxiety is to buck up and act, despite all the fears you have of rejection or being laughed at.

    Smile, walk on over, and start chatting. If your crush is interested, she’ll be happy to chat right back and you will get more comfortable. This is great practice for you.

    Push through your fears. No one likes to be rejected – but that is the worst that can happen, and really – so what.

    Good luck.


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    Having anxiety when you are near your crush is common and normal, in order to help yourself start feeling comfortable around your crush and just be yourself without having to pretend. The moment you are yourself you will fight your anxiety. We only get anxiety when we try to do or be something we are not, as we are not comfortable to be in that phase.


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    I can do NLP for you to remove your anxiety.

    However, let’s look at it this way.

    You might have 1% success chance and 99% chance to failed by asking her out, vs 0% chance for success and 100% failure for not taking actions!

    You should be more afraid for not taking action, because it leads to 100% failure.

    Your fear is losing her. Well, you haven’t had her in the first place. So, in reality, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action!

    Best regards


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    Don’t try to overcome this on your own, talk to a doctor about finding a therapist or support group. I just say that because it is a quicker, more effective and more permanent solution. There could be set-backs along the way and if you are dealing with this alone, it could make things worse. Anxiety perpetuates more anxiety, a professional can help you break that cycle.

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