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  • Every person across the globe wants a painless death. To buy cyanide, ricin, nembutal etc, simply email [email protected] dot com, an affordable and legit source.

    However, not most people are fortunate enough to die in a painless manner. Even those who end their life through suicide don’t use effective and painless methods. In this article, we will discuss the fastest poison for painless death.

    It is the act of ending someone’s life as an act of mercy. The idea is to relieve them unstoppable and persistent suffering. The victim might be suffering from chronic pain as a result of long-term illness like cancer or an accident from things like fire. Some people prefer calling it assisted suicide, mercy killing, or doctor-assisted death.

    However, different people have different euthanasia definitions. Most nations are yet to legalize euthanasia regardless of the pain a patient is in. For instance, in some states in the USA, it’s illegal to help a patient kill himself or herself. You risk a jail term of up to 24 years or a huge fine if the authority catches you.

    Types of euthanasia for human beings

    • Involuntary euthanasia

    In this type of euthanasia, the victim doesn’t need to consent to the process. Someone else makes the decision because the victim is incapable of doing so. It happens mostly when a person is on life support and there is no chance of healing.

    • Voluntary euthanasia

    It is where a person who wants to end their life in a peaceful and painless manner consents to the euthanasia process. Such type of euthanasia is legal in countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Oregon State in the US and others. We’ve seen cases of people who have travelled all the way to these places to end their life. They do that because euthanasia is illegal in their countries.

    Euthanasia can also be passive or active

    • Active – This is the type where a lethal substance like Nembutal is administered into the body of a victim to stop the heart. In other terms, this type of euthanasia involves life-ending actions taken either by the patient or doctor to end life. Active euthanasia has been a source of many controversies. There are people who are against because of their religious and traditional believes. They believe that the process is wrong.
    • Passive – It happens when a specialist withdrawals a life-supporting machine. Some people find this definition to be incomplete. For example, when a physician administers a strong painkiller such as an opioid that enhance the risk of damaging a patient, there are people who will say that he performed passive euthanasia which is not the case. In most cases, the action of a doctor ised as passive euthanasia

    Which is the fastest poison for painless death?

    There are many poisons out there that are lethal in killing you. We have discussed some of them below:

    • Pentobarbital Nembutal

    Nembutal is a popular barbiturate because of its use in euthanasia. In nations where euthanasia is legal, it’s the approved drug for euthanasia.

    To ensure that the drug is effective, it’s important to know the amount needed and how to administer the drug. There are many ways of taking Nembutal. You can take it in powder, pills and injections. Nembutal is lethal enough to kill you.

    The drug comes with a bitter taste which makes swallowing it hard. Because of this, some people might feel nauseated after taking the drug. Taking Nembutal with antiseptic drugs helps with the nausea. It prevents vomiting the drugs out.

    There are people who take Pentobarbital Nembutal with alcohol to make them more lethal. Alcohol enhances the effects of Nembutal meaning death will be quicker.

    If you know how to administer Nembutal via injection, then it can be perfect. Nembutal via injection goes direct to the bloodstream meaning death is quick. However, if you’re going to use this method, ensure that you don’t miss the vein you’re supposed to inject.

    • Potassium Cyanide

    It is a very lethal chemical for euthanasia. Its history goes back to the days of World War 2. Nazi soldiers used the drug to end their lives to avoid torture incase an enemy captured them. Cyanide works by cutting oxygen supply to your body. It is a very effective euthanasia method. It is so lethal that even exposure to small amounts of the chemical can cause death.

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