How did you feel the very first time your breasts were …

  • How did you feel the very first time your breasts were suckled?

    It felt fantastic. My bf and I were spending time in CP and it was a cold delhi night. We were both good and warmly layered and after sometime I told him let’s head back as I had actually begun to feel chilly. We headed to the car and I took off my cap and overcoat and covered a shawl around me. He attempted to start the ignition and it wouldn’t work so he stated provide it few minutes and i” ll attempt again. He pulled me closer and lovingly said let’s get you warm and kissed me. It felt so good and I was still feeling cold and said it’s so cold my nipples injured. He smiled and kissed me and slipped his warm hands on top of my woolen top. I do not know what entered into me before this time we had actually never seen each other naked or tried to be intimate however while kissing I raised my bra and cupped his hands on my breasts. He felt them for the first time and stated how soft they are. It was getting a bit dark so I took off my leading and covered myself in shawl and brought my boob closer to his mouth and stated kiss me. He got so pleased and gave me so many licks, draws and bites and I moaned for the very first time. We both enjoyed the feeling a lot and kept at the nipples drawing for 2 hrs. The best part was after all the stores closed and the street lights were on at a distance and it was dark around the car I took off the shawl we went to the back seat and I got on top of him and he sucked my nipples much more extremely while rubbing me on my clit. It was sheer pleasure and both didn’t anticipate the evening to turn this sexy.

    It was a senior in the tuition which was kept in school however just few students use to come. As my house was far the school use to end at 2: 30 and tuition utilize to begin at 4 pm so I use to stay at school with couple of trainees and few teachers mostly trainees who utilize to live close to school usage to come.

    I was being in the class and I remained in 8th sexually transmitted disease and my boobs were lil bigger then my schoolmates and I was joyus also so senior of 12 th class concerned me and sat beside me and I saw him all trainees were playing outside and his hands were on my waist and after that he without opening my shirt opened my bra idk how he pulled it and my boobs got loose.

    I stood and saw him and then he pressed me into the wall and unbuttoned me and eliminate my bra and started licking my boobs and sucking them really passionately I was simply seeing him and I turned on and next sec his hands were in my vaginal area he was so good at that. And then he kissed me and kissed me on my neck. The feeling was odd and I likewise liked it and till then untill he left school he use to day-to-day come at me and provide me enjoyment. I liked it as teenager and no remorses I still love the feeling. I still crave for that touch.

    My breast was sucked by my bf and it was divine. It was my birthday and he concerned my house to offer a surprise. As i stick with my good friends, they went home for winter season vacation. It was a cold December night( my bday was on 27 dec). My bf came to my flat at 9 pm when i was cooking food. He got a birthday cake, some beverages and chocolates. I was so happy. We had supper together and waited till 12 am. At 12 am he kissed and wanted me and i cut the cake. He offered me some drinks( vodka). After at some point we were intoxicated. He twitched onto the bed & & he made me topless. He sucked, licked and squeezed my boobs throughout the night and he slept drawing my boobs. When I woke up, his mouth was still touching my right nipple and his hand on my left breast. It was my finest birthday experience ever.

    My mother when I had to do with 5, It felt so good. Not up until after taking my estrogen pills did it feel & & looked so amazing. My mother has had lesbian sex with my Aunt, so she understands how to draw & & munch on my breasts.


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    How did you feel the very first time your breasts were nursed?

    Ow! It’s called “locking on” and it can be uneasy in some cases. It’s not expected to be unpleasant while you’re nursing, however we had some concerns that I never ever quite sorted out, so I weaned my boy at five months, because the pain and discomfort got to be too much for me.


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