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  • Francesca C. Simon

    · Answered June 21

    Why does meditating not work most of the time?

    Meditation is a journey and just as in life there are times when we need to take a different road to reach the very same destination. To make meditation efficient you require to check out and experiment to experience what works most effectively for you, depending upon your state of mind. I advocate a magical approach to meditation which supplies a mental multi-lane highway to show up where do you require to be. In some cases when we are too tightly ended up, we require to launch some tension before we can settle in to a steady rhythm of silence. For me dancing, always does the trick. Motion permits us to release muscle tightness, release our mind, as we shift our attention from the mind to the body. Motion can help you increase your vibration by increasing your breathing. Whether it’s walking in nature, swimming in a pool, singing, reading, writing– any activity you really take pleasure in can amp up your energy. In my observations of myself and others it’s simpler to settle in, when you have actually settled. In the eastern tradition the practice of concentration is taught as an entrance to deep meditation. In the western world there appears to be a disconnect from this crucial preparation practice. Individuals anticipate simply to be able to plop down on a pillow and close their eyes and just breathe their way into silence. Not everyone is able to attain this quickly– I would venture to state many people aren’t. There are a myriad of methods to participate in place of peace. Concentration — focusing one’s attention on one concept, one image, or one sound—- can speed up the shift to another level of awareness. I experienced my first previous life revelation, while doodling in my diary, which featured illustrations by the terrific magical poet Khalil Gibran. I would read a portion of his work and after that doodle words from that thought with my calligraphy. The power of that concentration raised me up to a world of consciousness. I saw myself as a young pregnant slave lady whose partner was being sold to another plantation. When I returned to my normal state of consciousness I had actually composed a poem “Clay Boy” while in that hypnotic trance. It provided me my very first glimpse into the power of concentration. Calligraphy & & Photography by Francesca C. Simon Any type of innovative venture, which needs concentration, can prepare you to reach a level of calmness, where meditation will come far more quickly. A cherished buddy talented me one of his paintings I much admired. It is an “all seeing” eye– I doddle eyes all the time. It was thrilling to meet somebody who too was drawn to this symbol. I keep the painting by my bed and take a look at it first thing in the early morning when I awake and normally before I go to sleep. Focusing on that stunning centers my mind and I can quickly go into a state of silence within and without. Art and music are windows which can be used to focus one’s energy to more easily enter a meditative state. Meditation must not be seen thought about a task. It is a chance to discover the inner functions of your mind and open up possibilities for a greater reach into the unknown. You simply need to find the technique that best suits you. I have actually produced a space to assist applicants like you explore the possibilities that can be used to begin to establish a meditation practice that is totally special and tailored 2 your requirements. It is a magical technique– not tied up in dogma or guidelines. My area ABCs of MEDITATION has a multitude of posts about how to check out different approaches of meditation. The area is an invite to … Explore! Experiment! Experience! #InwardandOnward! #TogetherWeGrow Francesca C. Simon is on Spotify– listen to “A MYSTICAL TECHNIQUE TO MEDITATION” SEE MY QUORA AREAS! DISCLAIMER: Please forgive any apparent misspellings or nonsensical sentences. This is due to Mr. Automobile Correct, who erroneously thinks he can read my mind. However, he is often not familiar with the mystical terms that I might utilize, and tries to reword my posts! Grrrrrr!

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