Does depression decrease one’s intelligence/IQ?

  • No.

    Depression is more likely to occur in highly intelligent people. The perceptiveness and superior cognition you have makes you more aware of what is happening around you.

    I’ll illustrate with an example. Both real life situations.

    There are two women. One not very educated, not very much aware, not getting common references, not witty, outspoken, opinionated. No critical thinking.

    She meets a man in the workplace who is 10 years older than her. She is young and pretty but not very smart.He begins to court her, buys her expensive presents, goes out with her and her friends, they become inseparable to the point he stands by the ladies toilet at the club waiting for her to come out so she won’t meet anyone else on the way to and from there. They move in together after just 2 months, he leaves his cancer survivor wife for her, he tells his new girlfriend that his ex wife of 12 years is crazy, that she didn’t make effort, that there was not sex as she was going through cervical cancer and now can’t have children. He somehow paints her as a villain. Soon after they get married in secret, the girl hardly ever sees her friends, and when she does it’s always at hers so her husband can keep an eye on her. He tells her to quit her job so she won’t be exposed to other people, particularly men who could steal her away. He used to buy her gifts, like a new car but since wedding he controls all the money and she isn’t allowed to even go shopping for clothes. He controls everything. He knocks her up with 4 children so she won’t leave. Now the twist is she, not every smart girl, thinks this is love, she genuinely believes this is happiness, she has someone taking care of her so she does not have to deal with scary world out there and can best utilize her skills in childbearing. 10 years later they are still together, even if she ever wake sup she has no skills, education or money to go anywhere with 4 children. He won, she still thinks this is real love.

    Second girl. Smart, perceptive, outspoken, always doubts everything and makes her own mind by doing her own research. Gets common reference, witty, quick thinker. You get it.

    She also meets a man. After a month they get together, he tells her all his exes were crazy, she starts to think no one gets crazy without being provoked, she suspects he lies and makes himself a victim to evoke sympathy in her. They continue to date, he tells her they will go to Barbados together, he introduce her to friends nad family all in a week after they got together, he arranges it all without asking her first. he wants to buy a dog like yesterday. He makes nice dinners, he takes her out, he never asks what she wants to do he just does it. He orders food he likes, they watch what he likes, she suspects this isn’t normal. When she confronts him on it all, he spin is as her fault, she brakes it off, he cries and tells her she is the love of his life, next day he texts another girl to arrange a date. Things end, the girl tells her friends he is a narcissist but everyone says she was lucky to have a man who was willing to buy her stuff, take care of her and wanted to include her in his life so much. She leaves her friends behind because there is clearly a mismatch of intelligence and perceptiveness, she feels is like talking to the wall where she details how he is clearly a psychopath but all they see is prince charming who came to rescue her from her otherwise mediocre life. the girl became depressed, she lost friends as they didn’t test well in real life situation, she feels lonely because even if someone would listen to her experience, there is no one who sees it for what it is. She doubts herself, loses confidence and is distrustful of everyone, she is scared of dating again in case she will be lied and manipulated again. She caries on all by herself, realizes how bad people are and that we all just selfish and use others to get what we want. She does not believe in real love, friendship, intimacy, honesty, kindness anymore. Depression grows, if there is nothing pure in this world what is the point.

    So no. Depression is usually a smart people condition. Having a mind of your own is blessing and a curse, especially if those around you are blind to what is going on.

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