Do I have to refrigerate my CBD gummies?

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    No you do not have to refrigerate them. They are made with glycerin and pure CBD. So just keep them out of a hot place. I’ve had gummies melt before, not a big deal.

    Here are my recommendations for picking the perfect CBD gummy:

    1. Lab tested, no synthetics
    2. Full spectrum CBD used
    3. High dosage per sharing, around 20mg per gummy
    4. Low sugar, no additives
    5. At least 50 reviews

    Check out some of my favorite CBD gummies that I posted on Pinterest:

    #1 favorite: Sets in within 10 minutes, lasts for about 2 hours. Good taste, great effect.

    #2 Favorite: PureKana Gummies, last longer the Lord Jones, take about 25 minutes to set in.

    If you have any questions regarding CBD gummies please comment below, I’d love to help!

    You do not have to refrigerate them, just keep them out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. However, CBD gummies, along with any other ingestible CBD product is a huge waste and a borderline gimmick. The bioavailability of ingested CBD is around 5%, maybe a little bit higher if ingested with fatty acids. That basically means you’d have to eat around 6X the number of gummies to get the same results as a high-quality CBD oil sublingual tincture or vaping. I’d advise you to explore other options of using CBD as your either severely limiting benefits from CBD or overpaying to waste more than 90% of the product.

    Okay, I am not a CBD gummy expert, but usually the reasons for refrigerating cannabis concentrates, etc is to keep the CBD product from breaking down (runny). The only way to know if they are “okay” is where they were stored were they in the light? exposed to high heat? You’ll still need to try one. The point is to keep the gelatin hard enough to keep the product in, and the flavor, strength stable.

    Let me know how it goes!


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    Nah, they’re ok. CBD isn’t volatile. If the gummies haven’t degraded, neither has the CBD.

    BTW it is decarboxylated at anywhere from 200 F – 300 F and it evaporates at somewhere around 320 F (but still very slowly).

    It will take years for it to degrade unless in the direct sunlight or something (even then).

    CBD and THC aren’t volatile or fragile.


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    No they do not have to be refrigerated, it is important to keep them in a cool dark area basically away from sunlight. Gummies in a hot area or in sunlight will start to melt into one big blob which is not good for the $$$ you are spending….and it makes it really hard to consume the correct dosage if that is important to you.


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    Because most cannibis gummies have a lot of sugar that acts as a preservative , they will last almost indefinitely if stores correctly. Dark and an air tight container if not in the fridge, is very important. If u can wrap them in wax paper and then put into an air right container in a dark dry place away from the Sun, or in the fridge then you will eat all your gummies long before they would ever go stale……enjoy

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    Properly storing your CBD gummies will help prevent the compound from degrading and becoming contaminated. The best way to store CBD gummies is to keep them in a dark, cool place such as your refrigerator. In such a controlled environment, your CBD gummies are sure to last longer.

    Actually they are volatile properties to an extent and typically the ‘half life’is about 6 months in ongoing controlled tests. i.e after the 6 months storage in ideal conditions the product will start to be less effective.


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