Canopy Development Rolls Out New Line of CBD Topicals

Canopy Development Rolls Out New Line of CBD Topicals

The 3 cannabidiol creams will be sold under the business’s First & Free brand name.

Eric Volkman

Canada-based Canopy Growth( NYSE: CGC) is expanding its brand footprint in the U.S. The cannabis company announced Monday that it’s rolling out the first line of topical items within its First & Free cannabidiol (CBD) brand name.

Its three brand-new creams– Everyday, Movement, and Revitalize– are each loaded with 2,500 milligrams of CBD per 1. Canopy Development (pointing out information from Brightfield Research study Group) states that makes them the highest strength CBD topical creams offered in the U.S., with over five times the concentration of contending topicals.

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First & Free is the cannabis company‘s U.S.-exclusive CBD line of product. It was introduced in December, almost one year after the 2018 Farm Bill legislated items made from hemp and CBD, a non-psychoactive substance found within the plant that is purported to have medicinal properties. Following legalization, a market quickly sprang up throughout the country for CBD items.

The creams are readily available online with two-day shipping.

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Although CBD product makers regularly promote the health benefits of their products, regulators have a less passionate view. In 2015, the Fda provided a customer update on the substance in which it noted that ” there is very minimal available info about CBD, consisting of about its effects on the body.”

Canopy Growth stock was trading up by 0.5%in mid-afternoon trading on Monday, while the more comprehensive equities market as measured by the S&P 500 was down by about 1.2%.

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