Can schools see my internet history if I was logged onto a …

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    Alright, let’s get this cleared up. They can ONLY see the history of the school account that you use. For example [email protected]

    But, if you’re using your personal account such as
    [email protected] then, no…

    They can only see the history of account in THEIR DOMAIN. That means that as long as you’re using a gmail account or any other account, your teachers CANNOT see your history.

    Whenever you connect to Wi-Fi on campus, from any device, your school knows which websites you’ve visited. And, if the sites are not secured with HTTPS, it can also see what you’ve looked at.

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    The only way I can answer this is by telling you this:

    The school (if the requirements of a monitored account are in your legal documents that you have signed), can in fact monitor your account if they make the account, they have all legal rights to monitor your account and any and all internet traffic that passes through its databases. This cannot however, extend to any other account that is owned by you if it is not logged in at the schools computers, and even in which case, they can only monitor what you search while logged in on their electronical devices, WiFi, or even using their printers and such.

    I hope that you learned something from this discussion, let me know of any more questions you have!

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    I don’t think so, I think they would only see what you are doing if you use their wifi but im not sure coz I never really worried about that since we don’t use google accounts in my school

    Yes they can. Remember the words “no expectation of privacy”, it goes for the school’s network as well as their devices, whether you are at school at home or anywhere.

    Yes if you are within a school or corporate environment, there should be no expectations of privacy. Remember, it’s the administrators job to keep the network safe. They may monitor traffic to get this done.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

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    If you are planning on logging in a school account on a personal computer, on or off school wifi, I would definitely recommend doing it in a virtual machine. It may be overkill, but at least they won’t be able to see anything you do on your own personal wifi on your own personal computer. They can still see what you do on a personal computer or school computer if you are connected to school wifi. So if you are working from home like many people are these days, then connected to your own personal wifi and logging into school accounts or anything administered by them with a virtual machine should be enough to guarantee your privacy. A virtual machine that I would recommend is VirtualBox, which if you decide to go down that route can be downloaded here: Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox

    Probably not, too lazy.

    Don’t stress it, if you are confronted, just say you are worried for a friend.

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    It would depend on who owns the machine? are you using the school account for your own purposes? if the machine is yours just delete the browser history at the end of the day , or browse “ incognito” click on the top three buttons and scroll down to incognito, nobody will know what you have been looking at .?

    Doesn’t matter whether you pause the web history, you are using your school account so, yes they can see it. They monitor those accounts. Best thing is to do your personal surfing not on your school account.

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