Can Jehovah’s witnesses utilize CBD oil?

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    CBD oil with or without THC? The THC part is questionable one I think you are desiring inquire about. CBD is not a mind altering substance alone from the rest of the hemp or marijuana plant. CBD with THC is what will be doubtful based in individual opinion.

    Medical treatment is a personal option. Here are the important points or considerations:

    Are you utilizing for leisure purposes or do you have a legitimate medical factor for using it? If you are utilizing it to get high then – no we can not utilize CBD oil with THC. If you have a medical factor and follow the letter of the law in having the appropriate prescription and taking it appropriately, then that is in between you and your physician. Dealt with the same as any other prescription drug (even if it’s a prescriptions does not suggest it can not be mistreated)

    Is it legal? Even you have a medical factor to take CBD with THC, we still must comply with the unwritten laws. THC and even non-THC CBD oil is illegal everywhere. Then the is no. We must comply with the unwritten laws unless it contradicts Gods laws. I do not believe this certifies as a contradiction so must be followed based on region. If it is legal, then yes BUT keep in factor to consider the regional laws if you choose to travel. Legal in one area does not mean legal everywhere and crossing state or country lines may constitute trafficking laws or possession of an unlawful compound. Know.

    If it is legal and we have a medical factor than yes CBD with THC can be used within the context of the and the health problem. The same as any other drug prescription, or over the counter.

    Can Jehovah’s witnesses use CBD oil?

    I am not a JW but was raised within the organisation. I do not understand if the JW management have actually made a decision on this. If they have not, I would advise them to approve its use. I’m not being flippant and I state this for a number of compelling factors

    1. The purpose is medical instead of for getting stoned – the THC material is miniscule. Some diseases respond very well to this treatment.
    2. A JW would not reject themself legal, medical pain relief if in extreme discomfort. Such painkillers, in extreme situations, might include morphine and even diamorphine (artificial heroin). These drugs have actually been approved for medical use for a long time and are much more powerful than CBD.
    3. From a JW point of view, taking such medicine could assist them maintain meeting participation and do other JWly things, whereas they might have needed to rest up in the house had they decided to avoid the medication.

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    No. It’s not an issue about using, it’s about securing oneself …

    It’s not uncommon to see it blended in drinks at the mall or mixed-in a bag of chips at a grocery store. It’s permeated the beauty market, being mixed-in with skin care and makeup, these items are misleading and linked to the occult …

    The factor the response is no, is due to the fact that: the devil control human beings. and Substance abuse can expose an individual to satanic force control. That includes smoking, oils, creams, candle lights, food, all kinds and types.

    We need to follow to God’s commands to be holy, and safeguard ourselves from demon impact … we require to make certain to check out the active ingredients list and prevent such things.

    We prevent mind changing substances that are either unlawful or for the purpose of getting drunk or stoned. So if we consume alcohol we do so in small amounts and we don’t take what are called recreational drugs. Particularly those known to be hazardous.

    Clinically, we are typically available to most therapies that have actually shown effectveness. There are an extremely few treatments we prevent on scriptural grounds.

    In the case of hemp and marijuana, much research has, and is, being done and results look promising. As I suffer persistent pain and survive on pain relievers, I am very open up to any such analgesics that may have less side effects and have discussed this with my Doctor. Sadly, as yet in New Zealand, the drug is not Govt. moneyed and while available on prescription, is very pricey. He also said that the long term impacts are still being examined.

    If you went to an elder and told them you use cbd oil. They would ask what is that then inform you should not take it.

    I consume hemp seeds and informed some elders and they where sat me down and asked more about it and what benefits there was from using it. Not much will happen.

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    For recreational functions, there might be an issue with that.

    Is it legal to change prescription medication (particularly opioids) with a less addictive compound with less damaging adverse effects and you’re not abusing it?

    … then I do not see any scriptural or logical reason someone would have a problem with it, however you would need to ask your regional senior citizens to be sure.

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