Can anxiety cause delusions?

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    no severe anxiety isn’t going to induce hallucinations or delusions no symptoms as a result of a psychosis or psychotic disorder yes anxiety in severe form can cause your thoughts to become out of control and have the inability to actually switch off for example when going to sleep at bedtime your thought processes don’t seem to want to stop and you seem to be thinking the same questions repeatedly over and over again and no matter how you try your anxiety and concerns over matters that may be on tomorrow’s agenda could just repeat themselves mentally and you’re unable to get to sleep I wouldn’t worry about the fact that although you feel it going out your mind sometimes and it is something that you can’t control which is frightening for a lot of people but I doubt very much you will develop psychosis no would you develop a psychotic disorder try not to worry there are good medications out there now that can deal with severe anxiety and they’re very effective it takes a while for them to kick in but within 6 and 8 weeks and certainly by 12 weeks you will see a radical change in your mental well-being like most medication it’s a question of letting the levels of the dragons up in your system to a certain degree that your doctor or notice and you yourself be able to say that dosage you’re on a safe you door symptoms have you been experiencing from having severe anxiety try not to think that because you’re thoughts maybe out of control a x and you can’t switch your feliz like you have no control over watch you think it doesn’t necessarily mean that you had experiencing any form or psychosis try not to worry take care

    Anxiety itself is a kind of delusion in which one perceives danger in what others would otherwise perceive as a normal, maybe unpleasant or negotiable situation. It’s more than a perception of events, though. Anyone who has ever experienced severe anxiety knows that the whole body and mind is thrown into an extreme reactionary state in which the mind is out of control and one’s breathing and other reflexes are noticeably affected. One’s senses can become very acute, while at other times one can be unaware of one’s surroundings entirely; enveloped in a self conscious state where everything around them can seem too loud and or out of focus (laughter, whispers, faces). Some people can experience strange smells, buzzing or ringing in their ears or even imagine they see someone they have known well looking at them in a crowd even if that is impossible. Sometimes they will hear an absent persons voice as well. Others have experienced a falling or spinning sensation, lights or spots before their eyes, a fear that they are naked or that people can tell what they’re thinking or know about something they have done or thought about that they would never disclose publicly. Anxiety left unaddressed and untreated can grow into a severe psychiatric and psychotic disorder that can be for some completely socially debilitating; preventing it’s sufferer from working and other social interactions. Outwardly, there is usually nothing visibly wrong with the sufferer. It is very difficult to treat and those who have severe anxiety usually battle with it throughout their lives.

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    Yes…. it can. I have had a few bouts with anxiety or panic from work stress. It gets the worse during the periods that I have sought out treatment and am waiting for the medicine to work since it can take a few weeks to improve. Often the symptoms are worse before they get better.

    Often I would have that fuzzy “detached from oneself” feeling. If I held out my hand in front of my face, then I felt sure that I was looking at someone else’s hand. Sometimes I’d wake up at night in such a psychotic state that if aliens came for me I would not know it was real or dream.

    Anxiety is just another mood disorder. It is hop, skip, and a jump from schizophrenia. If you see a psychiatrist for anxiety, the doctor will ask you if you hear voices, or determine if you are also bipolar to make some assessment of whether or not you are in a condition whereby you are a danger to yourself or others. All the mood disorders must be related and share symptoms. That is why you should seek help for diagnosis and treatment

    Hi. I am not a licensed therapist or health professional. I can only relate my experiences to you. I just had a bad case of anxiety several moments ago. I felt physically and mentally upset. So ill at ease as if a ten things at once were going wrong. Apprehensive. I think anxiety is Avery serious and hard issue to try and resolve. A half hour ago I was so edgy. I had some outdoor activity today which really made me feel invigorated and good. The temperature was about 9 or 13 degrees today and I shoveled snow for an hour. Physical activity helps. Anxiety I believe can induce what you mentioned. I did not take my daily Xanax until now. Hoping to rest.

    Hmmm. I suppose indirectly it can maybe be related, but I hesitate to say that it causes psychosis. Severe anxiety is really stressful. And stress magnifies and brings on the symptoms of other disorders that have psychosis/delusions as a feature.

    If you or someone you care about is psychotic or delusional and anxiety is their primary diagnosis, you/they should be seen by a psychiatrist or psyologist as soon as possible. There may be more egfective treatment that will relieve this sometimes dangerous symptom.


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    Anxiety leads to hallucinations without fail. What is hallucination? If you do not see something as it is and rather as something completely different, that is called hallucination. An anxious mind is one which responds to every trigger of thought and sense perception, but moves on to another thought or perception before arriving at a good conclusion. So what we are talking about is developing an incorrect perception of one aspect of the world and then applying the incorrect perception to another aspect of the world based on our and fears rather than facts. This is how we hallucinate and develop and incorrect of the world, one completely imaginary. Do deep breathing and meditation to control your anxiety.

    I’ve heard that but in my experiences it’s been mostly misinterpretation of reality. There are times when your anxiety is penetrating and overwhelming you can become emotionally distraught and have difficulty with interpretation of your situation our environment. A Nervous Breakdown is a great example of this where your emotions are so overwhelming that you don’t see it for what it is you see as what your anxiety wants you to see it as an unbeatable challenge so you will turn around and “ Run Forest Run” but if you not experiencing anxiety attacks or severe depression the situation looks enoquous and tolerable.

    It can, but rarely by itself. Severe anxiety can present with hallucinations and/or delusion, usually in conjunction with a severe panic attack. However, it is not uncommon for anxiety to be comorbid with psychosis from a separate mental illness.

    In my case, while I rarely have psychotic symptoms, I have major depressive disorder and anxiety.


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    I have gotten to this stage. Literally it was a black dog in the corner with yellow eyes – how’s that for depression? I think it built from anxiety, to more extreme anxiety, to this stage – which is to me is not just an anxiety diagnosis anymore. Clearly we are in more extreme territory but it seemed to be largely treated by treating the anxiety.

    My first anxious episode happened when I was ten. I was convinced that a man was going to steal me from my bedroom and bury me alive in our back garden.

    I’m not sure if I completely believed it or just felt like it was very likely to happen. I’m not sure if it would be considered a delusion or not but I just remember living in utter fear and discomfort until I was medicated.

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